The second 'version' in the evolution of my layout was, relatively speaking, the largest as I doubled my space from single hollow core door, to two hollow core doors end on end.  Version 2 is also when I started this blog, as I decided it might be fun to chronicle my experiences!  One of my earliest post shows the start of the effort to expand from the relatively simple ovals of Version 1.

Version 2 was created based on a common issue we all face with our 'first' layout...too small to fit all of the ideas!  My plan had been that I wanted the layout to be more or less portable, and Version 2 was based on the idea that it would still be portable, although it would be in two sections!

Version 2 was also specfically created to:
  • Add more room for my growing city and buildings
  • Add a small yard
  • Add a small industry
  • Add some more interesting scenery and track options
Below you can see the result in the larger city section in the below photo.  The area of the layout at the top of the photo is all V2 expansion:
 The portion of the layout in the foreground is the original V1, with the second section the new expanded V2 area:
 The original V1 layout on the 'North side' of the layout stayed basically unchanged, with the Kato 2 track viaduct crossing over a very small loop of track in a more residential area:
What is somewhat difficult to see from any photos I have (and apologies for the blurry photo below!) is that I also added 2x2 boards to each of the long ends of the layout in order to provide extra space so that the 'main line' could descend and ascend from each level.  The yard is on the lower level.  In the below photo, you can barely see the original edge of the layout with is about in line with the outer edge of the green bridge.  The Woodlands Scenics risers were used on the newly added boards to raise the main line up to the upper level:

 Again, another view of the layout from the North, or "V1" end of the layout....
 The south side of the yard will undergo major changes in both my Version 3 and 4 evolutions, but inV2 it was a big improvement to have any storage space!  Note that all of the Yard tracks at this time were Kato Unitrack, this was later changed to Atlas flex track and Minitrix switches in V4.
The layout from the V2 end.  Just out of sight at the bottom of the photo is the rather boring and uninteresting Kato single track viaduct which followed the perimeter of the layout.  My lack of interest in this aspect of the layout led to the development of the large curving viaduct that was the cornerstone of Version 3.
As you can see in the above and below photos, I also added a small industry inside the upper loop.  I don't know what they make there, but they need hopper cars a lot.   This industry has remained unchanged through Version 4.
Just north of the industry tracks is a small urban area.  Since I created this space two years ago, its mostly been neglected and usually where I set my drill and other tools while I am working.  In the below photo you can see a mish-mash of various buildings sort of placed there until I can find a final home for them.
The photo below shows the connection area between the two sections.  The somewhat straight wall on the left side of the photo is the upper level which was old end of the layout from V1.  The area below the bridges is the location of all sort of urban junk...a refinery, fields, an old mobile home, etc....