Making progress on the new layout!

I have set an 'unofficial' deadline to have most landscaping and most track all laid and wired by Christmas. As of today, that's only 18 days away...and there is still a lot to do!

Here's the progress so far. Below you can see the original 'single door' layout (with my kids) and then beyond it, the 'expanded' (and bare) extension:

Here's a shot from the opposite side of the layout (this is late in August):

From the same angle as the above photo, below we jump ahead to the end of November...styrofoam is being laid out and actual track planning is being performed to ensure that the 'computer model' of the layout will work in reality!

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  1. you must be a really cool guy! I won't let my wife or 8 kids close to me or it (that's what I refer to my 'girl'(layout as) cause my wife gets jealous). Next, I would like to make a giant mountain made out of mashed potatoes. Any ideas about the scale if my trains are standard? Also, my wife cries a lot. I got her cable for the holidays hopin' that would shut her up with all them Hallmark original movies.

    Rick Steves