Fleischmann, Tomix, and Kato Roadbed Track

Most of my layout is Kato Unitrack, but through the purchase of various starter sets or unique track capabilities, I've got a little bit of track from Tomix (primarily for their tight radius Tram system), Fleischmann Profitrack (that came with a starter set, but also for some excellent flex track), Minitrix and Atlas.

I thought it might be interesting to provide a few photo comparisons of two of those track systems that have roadbed that are not real well known in the US; Tomix Finetrack and Fleischmann's Profitrack. For reference, I'll also add in a piece of Unitrack (There are two other track systems in N Scale that I am aware of...the new Atlas track system [forgot the name] and the Bachmann EZ Track system)!

The photo at top shows, from left to right, the Fleischmann Profitrack, the Tomix Fine Track, and the Unitrack. Below is a close up of the Fleischmann and Tomix tracks:

As you can see, the Fleischmann is the narrowest, at just about 16mm, Tomix is a bit wider at 18mm, while the Kato Unitrack appears to be a hefty 25mm in comparison!

While they are all Code 80 - and thank goodness for that! - its fairly obvious that they will need a little effort to get to work together. Tomix, interestingly enough, seems to put its rail joiners on the opposite side of other manufacturers, and with that 'cast in' connector on the Tomix roadbed, some sort of modification (or a Kato Unitrack joiner for this purpose) is necessary.

A final shot below shows a side view....nothing spectacular here, except they all obviously work off different geometries (so you'll have to do some tricks to get them to work together somehow). While I have definite plans to use Finetrack for a tram system in my downtown remodel (103mm radius curves and accessories to make it look like rails in the street...although Kato appears to be right behind them!), Tomix is also coming out with a single track super-elevated curve! That will be cool and will require some big changes to my layout - but super-elevated curves are worth it!

I also have additional plans for the Fleischmann track...given its relative elevation to Unitrack, this would be great track for yards...although the cost of switches with motors in their system is crazy (E.g.: when it makes the Kato #4 switch look like a real value...its too much!).


UPDATE 5 December 2009:

Mel in the comments section is building a layout for his Grandson, and had a question about whether or not an adapter is needed for the Fleischmann track with either Atlas (code 80) or Minitrix track.  Its a good question, and I expect other people will wonder as well!

Here's a couple of photo's of the three types: The first is the Minitrix track connected to the Fleischmann profitrack with just the standard rail joiners from each company:

 While its not perfect, I don't know if any sort of adapter would help.  Below is the Atlas code 80 track and Fleischmann:

The Atlas track as well works nicely with the Fleischmann track.  The Fleischmann track is hair taller, but this can easily be addressed by a very thin shim.   If it were me, I would not worry about an adapter.  I recall reading somewhere that Trix does make an adapter, but I think this was for another track system (Rapido?) that I don't use.

Good luck on your layout project! 


  1. It's interesting to note the differences in tie size and count in the Tomix and the Kato track, since they're both supposed to be models of Japanese narrow-gauge. The Tomix and the Fleischmann are much closer in appearance than I'd thought.

    Also, the Kato 20-045 "62mm (2 7/16") Snap-Track® Conversion Track" isn't really designed as an adapter for Snap-Track — it's original intent was as an adapter for Tomix FineTrack (Kato's biggest competition). So get yourself a couple of those, and you'll be blending Tomix track into your layout with ease.

  2. I am building a NOCH Traustein layout with my grand son. I have quite a bit of TRIX, ATLAS and KATO track. However, I have been advised to stick to Fleischmann track for this layout. (Read very expensive in the USA). I have been advised by a reliable source that Fleischmann does make an adapter that will allow the use of the TRIX /Atlas track. Does anyone know of such an adapter? What chance is there of introducing the easiest for me to combine Trix, Atlas or even my KATO,
    track into the mix.I love the simplicity of the KATO. All suggestions are so appreciated.


  3. I am making a NOCH layout using Fleischmann newest track. I have areas where I would like to substitute some of my existing track, of which I have many.
    Trix; Atlas; Rapido; and a lot of KATO. Does any of the aforementioned manufacturers make an adapter so that at some point these tracks can be intermixed? Any ideas will be graciously accepted.

  4. Hi Mel! Welcome! I don't think you'll need any sort of adapter between Atlas/Trix and Fleischmann track. You may have to 'shave' a little of the Fleischmann roadbed as it looks like the detail that cast in may interfere a little with the joiner, but I don't even think you'll need to do that! I'll post a photo in just a few minutes of both Atlas and Trix track connected to the Fleischmann so you can see for yourself. The rails are all 'code 80' as far as I can tell, so the joiners from any of these track systems SHOULD work with the others.

  5. Hi Mel, I posted some photos, hopefully these will help! I'm not really sure what a "Noch" layout is, I'm assuming that this is a layout based on some plan or materials from Noch? Best of luck to you!

  6. Jerry,

    Thanks for your comments and photos.
    The track laying is coming along. However, my grand son is having trouble getting the couplers on the Fleischman track. Once connected they are smooth as silk. Are there track connectors we should be using? I have the Atlas from years ago that came joined. I then bought some others whose name I cannot remember. They has a small slot to use (??) with a thin bladed screw driver to slide under the rails.Once
    the fleischmanns were connected they are solid. The newer ones seem more solid than the older Atlas joiners. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks for all your help. I shall now be combining my old Atlas and Trix track to finish the layout. I promise one the track is down and we are running I will send photos.
    Happy Holidays to all..Grandpa Mel
    My grandson calls me geeps.

  7. Has anyone found a way to connect kato N scale track to Atlas n scale track (c80)? I need a curved viaduct and seems that Kato is the only one. The rest of my track is all Atlas.

  8. slaflamme,

    You can connect the Atlas C80 to any Kato Unitrack. As they are both Code 80 rails there is no problem. The only think you have to do is add some roadbed underneath the Atlas track so that it comes up the height of the Unitrack track. Although if your transition from 'level' track to a viaduct, you may not have to even do that. I have several Atlas (or Minitrix or Fleischmann or Tomix) connections to Unitrack and they all connect just fine. With the Atlas track, you can use either the Kato 'uni-joiners' or traditional Atlas joiners.

    1. I have the same layout and has builded it with Minitrix track, no problems...
      Noch even provide a track layout for Minitrix, just follow that.

  9. Very helpfully!!!!
    Working on a western U.S. themed n scale dcc

  10. I am just getting started and I bought a Fleischmann starter set and a lot of Fleischmann Piccolo track. I found some of my dad's old N scale stuff from the early 70s and used some of the Atlas 80 track with the Fleischmann in the train yard area. It works fine but the Atlas track appears to be slightly raised from the surface because of the lack of ballast. Would you use flex cork underneath or would that be too thick?

  11. @ Anonymous.

    Yes, cork might be too thick as the 'roadbed' for Fleischmann is very tiny compared to Tomix or Kato track. I would recommend using some small sheets of styrene (plastic essentially, you can pick up at a hobby shop, "Evergreen Plastics" is a common brand) to shim up the Atlas tracks where they connect to the Fleischmann. All you want to do is to minimize any 'bumps' in the track tops at the transition between the two track types. You may also be able to use a thin, sturdy card stock as well if styrene is not available.

    Good luck!