Locomotive Roster: DB V100; Fleischmann 8-7230

And now time to look at one of the Fleischmann models on the layout. I actually was thinking of posting some more layout pictures since I haven't really focused specifically on that since I laid the track down and completed most of the wiring connections, but I think that sharing my photos of these locomotives on the current layout - while also giving a 'user's opinion' of them-is a decent way to 'kill two birds with one stone'.

On to this post's model....this is a model of a DB V100 with a pre-installed digital decoder, giving it the '8' prefix in Fleischmann's catalog. The detailing on this, like many of the newer models from Minitrix and Fleischmann (don't know about Roco, but I assume this is true) feature a higher level of detail than past versions of these locomotives. I would go so far as to say if you did not know the scale in the photos, you could assume they were HO (except for those classic Rapido stype couplers! Which I don't mind saying that I love for their simplicity and functionality, but I know many people despise them). In fact, before I acquired this locomotive, I had a low impression of Fleischmann quality, which was probably influenced by seeing a lot of Fleischmann HO stuff in the states in the 70's that was never really taken care of (e.g. it was usually in boxes of 'junk' at swap meets). I was very young at the time, but that association sort of stayed in the back of my mind. I am glad to see that it was not true....or at least, is not true today. The locomotive has proven very durable and has even survived a fall from the layout to the floor (which has a thin carpeting material over the concrete....not much protection for the dreaded dropped loco!!!).

- Its digital operation from the decoder was flawless from the start. Right out of the box, never had a problem with the programming or operation with either a LokBoss or the Trix Mobile Station.
- Detailing. As mentioned above, it looks great, the headlights have the appropriate amount of brightness.
- Motor: Not the strongest locomotive by any means, but a solid motor, although I find it does work better after having 'warmed up' a bit.
- Insensistive: This locomotive seamingly retains solid electrical contact through virtually all conditions. One of the more reliable operators on the layout.

- None to speak of. I've owned it for about 6 months, and no issues. Let's hope that continues!


  1. Quite noticeable in the shots in this post is your scenery. What static grass do you use? It looks very good in your photos.

  2. Thanks for the compliment! Its actually one of the things that has turned out really well. The truth is I used very minimal static or powderized flocking materials with this layout. I came across a type of scenery material (and a technique) in a minitrix book that was somewhat new to me.

    I go into the process (and some of the products) in this post:

    It was such an amazingly easy process to get really good results, that I am surprised this technique is not discussed more often.

  3. I'll add one more comment, the real 'trick' is a material called 'foliage', whigh is essentially a 'sheet' that it sort of like a web of material that is placed over ground that has been covered in acrylic paint (with some white glue). Noch and Heki have foliage products. The challenge I had is that its hard to tell from many online hobby shops the right product (I accidently ordered some of the traditional 'powdered flocking' instead of the foliage sheets, which still has its uses as an accent, but not as the base).

    I hope the post above helps. For me it was an experience that turned the scenery part of the layout from one of fear into one of the most enjoyable parts of the process!

  4. You wrote
    >Right out of the box, never had a problem with the programming or operation with either a LokBoss or the Trix Mobile Station.
    - Could you advice me as possible to change loco decoder number by Lok-Boss. Unfortunatelly, I have no manual on LokBoss and it is absolutelly impossible to find in Internet. I bought second loco, but it is have same default address 3. ((
    Many thanks in advance!

  5. Personnally, I never used the LokBoss to program a locomotive, although I know it is possible, but it did not look too simple! I will get the manual and see if I can scan it in and share it.

  6. I scanned the (english) portion of the Lok-Boss instructions and posted it at this link:

    Let me know if you have any problems getting the file. Unfortunately, I won't be much help as I never used the Lok-Boss to change any addresses or do any programming (I used my mobile station for this). It is possible though, so good luck!

  7. I noticed a modern crane towed by V100. Is it a Minitrix, Fleischmann or Piko crane?

    I would like to add similiar one to my layout


  8. Hi Jimmy!

    That is Minitrix 15299, but I notice that they have other versions of this they have been released in the past! Good hunting!