Locomotive Roster: G2000; Mehano 55546

Here's a locomotive that has been one of the nicest surprises I've ever had in terms of train acquisitions!  This is the G2000 Locomotive from Mehano...technically Mehano Prestige (as it says on the box).
The locomotive comes in a somewhat large variety of liveries...primarily all from modern private railway firms on the Continent.  There's something about black that I like on a locomotive, so went for this MRCE version.
So many nice things about this locomotive....the details, the running qualities (quiet, smooth, etc...) excellent use of white SMD LED's for the lights.   Overall this thing just oozes quality.  From what I understand, that's quite a difference for Mehano, who has historically had a reputation of lower quality product.  Not in this case!

Removing the shell to install the decoder was a bit trickier than most locomotives.   The cab ends need to be removed first, and then the rest of the shell can be pulled out of the slots that hold the engine cover shell onto the chassis.  This was a very anxiety producing experience!   The fragile handrails along the sides are also in the way of you getting a good grip on the shell to press in on the bottom of the shell where the slots are.  May be a good thing to remove the handrails (which also hold the detailed walkway pieces on) before attempting to remove.
Once removed, the NEM 651 socket is very obviously right on top.  Fortunately, one of the standard plugs without a harness can be used (I was a bit concerned that there wouldn't be enough room and would require a work-around, but no such problem).   I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the decoder was able to be read right after installation.  After so many annoying Minitrix NEM 651 decoder issues (that is, the poor contact the Minitrix sockets have with most NEM 651 decoders - requiring careful modification of the decoder or soldering), its nice to see a design that really is plug and play!
Again, the detail on this model is just superb.  The close up below shows the diamond plate pattern on the walkway and the excellent printing of all the lettering.

And of course, a 'drama' shot.....
Another close up of the cab/front:
Bottom line? Excellent job, and a decent price!  Whatever demons Mehano may have once had with quality in the past, this model clearly illustrates a radical change for the better!  Its so convinced me that I will now be looking specifically for other Mehano models in the future!


  1. I've got the exactly same black MRCE G2000 and I totally agree with you on the pleasant suprise.

    Also agree it's a tricky one to get into .. but .. wtf .. ? I never got the cabs off on mine - I had to remove the black side bars below the silver walking boards between the cabs, then remove the handrails, then the silver walk boards .. only then would the body come off (complete with the cabs still attached). Maybe I did it wrong - the instructions didn't say for me.

    Watch out for those steps on the bogies - I've already broken one off when wressling the body off for DCC. They're a separate part and are held on by tiny plugs. Gluing it back on wasn't difficult and it doesn't show - but I hate it when I break things and it's entirely my fault.

    Enjoy :)

  2. Thanks Anonymous! I think you actually nailed an important point that I forgot...the instructions were not very clear on how to take off the shell! I think your probably right that its not necessary to remove the cab.

  3. Hello Jerry ,

    I also love this machine. She has an unusual design.I like him in green and gray, but after that depending on taste.I almost buy it but I preferred a A1A 68000 more ...greetings

  4. I have a couple of FS E424 from mehano. I fully subscribe your point of view. the model has superb details, the engine is little bit slow, but perhaps according with the old-style italian original loco. btw great models.
    hope this brand will create new italian models such as E656