Locomotive Roster: DB Class 44; Minitrix 12449

This is my most recent addition to my growing N Gauge roster, the Minitrix 12449, which is an oil-fired steam locomotive known, apparantly, in Germany as the Class 44, but better known in the US as a 2-10-0 configuration.

The features of this model are that it already comes with a DCC chip installed with Sound! I posted a video of the locomotive in action:

My impressions:

- Sound is not only remarkable for this scale and this locomotive, but Marklin/Minitrix went the extra step with this model to give it 'smart sound', in that it will automatically make sounds and change over time as it sits idle, or will reduce / stop the 'chugging' sound as it coasts. Really well done.
- Operation so far has been excellent, although I've only run it for a couple of hours. The real test will be how it works in a year or two from now...
- Detail/construction: The detailing looks very nice as well. Additionally, the body is die-cast metal, so it is hefty and solid and feels like a quality item that can pull a long string of hoppers!


- Really, its the price, but you get what you pay for.
I've barely had this locomotive running for a week, so still far too early to know if there is any issue to be surprised with as it ages. I expect to report back if my opinion of this item changes, but given the apparent quality and price tag of this item, my expectations at this point are quite high.


  1. Looks like you are happy with Minitrix Class 44. No negative feedbacks since this post :)


  2. Hah! No, its a sharp locomotive, but at the price I paid (pre banking prices when paying $300 for a locomotive didn't seem extreme!) it should be!