Hello everyone! I wanted to wish you all Merry Christmas and let you know that we are getting closer to a move...which will mean a new home with more room for a new layout (one of the reasons I’ve been quiet lately and I’ve dismantled my layouts has been both for work reasons, but also my lack of interest in building a layout and modeling in my garage.).

The other thing I wanted to say (which I’ve thought but never stated) is that the N Gauge community worldwide is pretty awesome. The virtual relationships and friendships that I’ve developed through my blog and YouTube channel over the years have been a profound source of joy, especially in these times. I hope that you have found the same yourself.

Yes, there have been a few criticisms. Most of these seem to be from persons who probably have multiple relationship challenges anyway so it’s easy to brush them off. Some of them seem to lack a certain self-awareness or have an entitled idea of what they think MY content should be (or not be) which is pretty hilarious. As with the advice that “it’s your hobby, do what makes YOU happy” I always followed the same philosophy when creating my videos or blog posts. Yep, maybe not to everyone’s tastes, but that’s not the point. Fortunately I’ve been rewarded with thousands of positive responses and likes, which is cool and says a lot about how cool most modelers are in this hobby.

But not everyone! LOL! Happy Holidays!

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