Locomotive Roster: DB Class 221; Minitrix 11120 (Set)

I've already mentioned that this locomotive (and its companion Class 03) in the Minitrix "Super Starter Digital Set" are good runners. It is, in my opinion, a good locomotive for the money (although if you're buying one of those larger starter sets, it really pays to shop around. Most websites were asking US $950 or so for this set, but I found a site where it was going for US $700). Trix (and other German manufacturers) all offer the same or similar versions of this locomotive, so I am sure there are better quality versions (and higher prices?) and plentiful supplies wherever you look!

As a modeller, in my mind, this locomotive is similar to the classic EMD F units in the States, if not in appearance, at least in terms of fondness of memory for German (and other) railfans.

I don't have any 'cons' with this locomotive. Its been a very consistent, reliable running engine, with great traction. Most of this is plastic (as compared to more premium versions that are more die-cast), it does not have LED lights, but it did come equipped with a decoder already installed.

I think that's all I have to say about this engine, enjoy the photos!


  1. HI
    I have this minitrix train set bought by my Dad in the 60's and 3 locomotives one diesel, one steam and one electric. recently i wanted to pass it on to my son and once I installed the set (track and all) the locomotives did'nt move in fact none of them moved even an inch. you can imagine my embarrassment. one thing is that the locomotives were not used for the past 15 or so years. I have no idea whats wrong with them? can anyone help me? my email is omarfarooq48@gmail.com. thanks

  2. my minitrix set was purchased in the 60's, almost new as used very little. now i tried to use it again after some 15 years but none of the locomotives move even an inch, I dont know whats wrong with them, can someone help me trouble shoot the minitrix. thanks. my email - omarfarooq48@gmail.com

  3. Hi Omar! I don't know if this blog post gets enough visitors for you to get a response from someone who might know how to fix it. I would suggest two things:
    - Search for "Minitrix repair" or "model train repair" on YouTube and on Google. YouTube may give you some video suggestions as to what the problem could be. Don't worry if the instructions are for another manufacturer, they all have the same basic mechanics.
    - Check out some of the 'forums' focused on model trains. Every forum usually has a section devoted to repair. If you don't see a solution, post in the forum to get an answer. This is what I do when I get stuck! Click on "Links" at the top of this page and you'll see a list of forums I use.
    Good luck!