Reviews and information on Hobby Shops around the world that I have had the good fortune of either visiting in person, or which has been shared with me by friends.  Feel free to drop me a note if you have any questions about visiting these shops!

Also, I've attempted to map all of these locations on Google Maps for easy reference. If you have photos and a review of Hobby Shops that you want me to share, please drop me an email at quinntopia2  at gmail dot com.

PARIS Hobby Shops Part 1:

On my first visit to Paris, I was able to visit all the shops on the Rue de Douai and Montmarte area - worth a visit!   
Paris, France

PARIS Hobby Shops Part 2:

A second visit to Paris and Rue de Douai with a journey across town to Opherline!   
Paris, France

LONDON Hobby Shops:

A visit to Gaugemaster & Bahnhof Europa - not in London, but as far as I know, probably the best and closest stockist of both UK and Continental trains! Located a bit south of London near Arundal at the small station stop of Ford.   
Ford, UK

TOKYO Hobby Shops:

This post tells Steve's story (A friend of this blog) and his visit to many hobby shops located in Tokyo.  Lot's of fun pictures!  I wish I was there!    
Tokyo, Japan

HAMBURG Hobby Shops:

Two model train shops, a very short distance from each other, right outside the main train station!    
Hamburg, Germany

AMSTERDAM Hobby Shops:

I visit four model trains stores in Amsterdam accessible by Tram!

NEW YORK CITY Hobby Shops (Part1):

A description of The Red Caboose hobbies in Midtown Manhattan!
Manhattan, NYC, USA

NEW YORK CITY Hobby Shops (Part2):

I discovered Gotham Model Trains just a few blocks from The Red Caboose!   
Manhattan, NYC, USA

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