Another Manhattan Hobby Shop Visit & Review

About three years ago I posted a review of a hobby shop in midtown Manhattan.  At the time I thought this was the only remaining hobby shop left in Manhattan.  As it turns out, this is incorrect.  Gotham Model Trains is located a few blocks south of the Times Square area, technically not too far from Red Caboose.
As you might have guessed from the above photo, I caught the M Line to get to Gotham Model trains, alighting at 34 St - Penn Station in the 'Garment District' where a short walk over to W 35th Street is an easy 5 minute walk to the building where Gotham Model Trains is located.  Below is looking West on 35th:
Continuing to walk west on 35th....
Finally arriving at the addres at 224 West 35th....where's the store?  Does that cryptic sign on the right mean I was too late? Has another hobby shop fallen by the wayside? No, not really....in this case you need to enter the lobby at 224 West 35th....
And then take the elevator to the 13th floor!
On the 13th Floor, you will find a clean lobby, with a well-marked entrance to the hobby shop!  Street level real estate apparently being well out of reach for a hobby shop in modern day Manhattan (even the aforementioned Red Caboose is in a basement after all!), this high-rise location seems to make sense! however I would have missed it if I hadn't decided to take a chance and go into the lobby and ask the doorman!
I was pleasantly surprised to find a well-stocked hobby shop up here on the 13th floor!  As you can see from the photos, scenery materials, paints are available. 
Probably of more interest was what appeared to be a very nice collection of HO brass locomotives, as well as a nice selection of European HO gauge materials from Marklin, Roco, etc....  This I did not expect!  They aslo a small but very nice HO layout on display!
A smaller selection of N Scale items included recent offerings from Minitrix, Arnold and others, in addition to a good selection of materials from Kato (not only Unitrack, but several of the more recent and larger buildings were for sale).
Given its relatively convenient location just south of Midtown and nice selection if you're in the middle of Manhattan for pleasure or business, a visit to Gotham Model Trains is probably a very welcome diversion from Broadway plays and overpriced meals!  A special thanks to the friendly staff for their kindness and permission to take some photos for the blog!

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