SUPER-ELEVATED CURVES ARE HERE!An overview of the new super-elevated track sections from Kato and Tomix.
COMPARING FLEISCHMAN, TOMIX, AND KATO ROADBED TRACK An overview of three track systems with built-in roadbed; 2 from Japan and 1 from Germany.  And yes, all three are code 80 and can generally be used with each other with really minor modifications.
FLEX TRACK WITH ROADBED? Fleischmann ProfiTrack and UnitrackLove Kato's Unitrack system but desperately need some flex track?  Check out Fleischmanns innovative flex track with roadbed.
KATO UNITRACK EXPERIENCEI've been really happy with my Kato Unitrack, but there's a couple of things I noticed that I had to work around...
UNITRACK CONNECTORSThere are some connectors out there that area almost an ideal match to the connectors on the various Kato wiring pieces.
LAYOUT DESIGN SOFTWAREA short post on Railmodeller....a program to help figure out how to lay out all that track.


In addition to a lot of Unitrack, I also a lot of Minitrix track.  Why? Its expensive, hard to get, and I'm probably crazy, but I still like it.

RUSTING MY TRACK WITH TAMIYAThis post talks about some of my general progress on my layout, but focuses on my efforts to 'rust' my track.