Trix Mobile Station Woes

I've installed the JMRI Decoder Pro and have a Sprog II on order. The reviews of this combination seem to be good, so I'm looking forward to actually being able to edit, read, and write CV's on my decoders in a manner that will not make my hair any more grey than it is.

I've obviously been able to read/write CV's to my other 10 or so locomotives with decoders, but I've had this problem in the past (and have somehow mysteriously been able to solve it...those 'tricks' aren't working now of course). The two installs I'm trying to program now are a pair Lenz and Digitrax decoders.

Of course, any other Trix Mobile Station owners out there who know how to get around this, please let me know!

Trix, nice 'design', but you need to work on your UI / computer programming skills my friends.


  1. Bleah! The interface looks even more tedious than the telephone number pad of my Zephyr, nevermind that it doesn't even seem to work!

    The SPROG looks like an interesting device, however…

  2. I had the same problem when programming DCC in my tiny Z Scale locos.
    I found that the problem was not with the mobile station itself but witch the voltage regulator (Z scale max voltage is 10V), between de mobile station box and the rails.
    To program the locos it is not necessary to move them, so I bypass the voltage regulator to program them with nothing between the tracks and the MS, but care is necessary to not burn a loco trying to run a loco with 16V in the tracks this way.
    If you have something like voltage regulators, diodes strips, etc... between the tracks and the mobile station, maybe there is the problem.

    I hope it works for you!


  3. Thanks for the tip Michael! Unfortunately, I have the MS set up so it goes directly to a programming track...nothing in between as you suggest! I have updated to the Sprog and am now using that for my programming, although it does not like the Trix decoders all that much! I will post more on that later!

  4. Hi Jerry
    I'd be interested to hear how you have got on with the sprog + trix decoder combination. Just thinking about getting a sprog myself and have the same minitrix locomotives that you have!

    Keep up the blog - it's very interesting!

  5. I really should give an update on the Sprog. The short answer is that its much easier, but is not perfect (more related to the DecoderPro software not having much to do with Selectrix / Minitrix decoders).

  6. Cool you got an Mobile station, got one too.
    Did i got it right? You set CV001 to 003 and the adress is set? If you set 004 does it react to 004?
    Dumb question: some decoders cant give back CV values, only set them.
    Sure this decoder can?

    And by the way, i use the Digitrax DN163K1D, no problems at all. Can read and set Cvs.
    But its Mobile Station. It sucks yes =)

  7. Can you program Minitrix SX1 decoders with the Sprog II? I have a mobile station, and have seen exactly the issue you've posted about above on several occasions, yet I've stuck with it because a few of my locomotives have SX1 decoders, and so the mobile station seems my best option. Your comments would be appriciated

  8. I don't know about pure SX1 decoders, I do know that the Sprog II, or more accurately the JMRI software that you use to program decoders with the Sprog, has difficulty reading Trix's dual mode DCC and SX decoders. I have been able to do some basic address changes, but it doesn't support some of the more advanced features, and was pretty difficult to use. At some point, when I have more time, I'll provide a more thorough overview of the Sprog and JMRI software.

  9. Just wanted to tell you:
    The guys who developed the mobiel station now released a huge update:
    Look at the pdf. Its alot more comfortable now, like using f-keys in menues for FAST selection of trains. Also another mode available for the control wheel and with their new future central u also can switch turnouts and more ...
    Very nice upgrade! Way better menues structures.
    You can upgrade from another Mobile station or the Future bla station of the guys. I already did an upgrade for a guy from germany who mailed me his mobile station. this of course is alil bit problem for you to find someone over there who already got the upgrade :/
    If you really want it .. send it to me.