With the "Great Quinntopia Sell-Off" still in progress, I thought I would share this photo of a bunch of buildings going to the Post Office for their new owner!  An interesting side note as that a few buyers picked up nearly all of my buildings, which means that somewhere, someplace, someone is going to have a pretty good share of my urban layout! This makes me happy as I like to think that these buildings will be able to seen together as part of a new city.

I do get quite a few questions about the buildings from people on eBay, mostly asking me if I have any more to sell!  Unfortunately, all the 'big' ones with lights are gone. I do have a few smaller ones and some facades and other odds and ends that I either haven't had the time to list yet, or need a wire reconnected.

What I'm listing now is mostly rolling stock: Locomotive, freight cars, Subway sets, etc...   

I have several items (locomotives and sets) that I think are in decent demand, so I'm going to post a few using the 'auction' model later this week (probably Thursday night). So keep an eye out on my eBay channel (store?) if you're curious....

Its almost impossible to figure out a 'fair' price for all of this.  While, in fact, nearly everything (not all!) that I am selling has been used or opened (and a few pieces with some minor damage or flaws), asking a full, new, retail price is insane! But what about the cost of the added decoder? Or interior lights (for passenger cars)?  Do people care about those? I still get questions about DCC decoders working in analog, so clearly the DCC aspect has little interest for some people.

Even though I tried to price my buildings really fairly (an informal formula based on level of interior detail, amount of interior lighting, amount of work that went into either the kit-bash or scratch-building, and how the end result turned out) with most selling around $140-$160, but a few really large and 'premium' buildings at $300 or more.

But, they all sold within a few days. Does that mean I priced them too low?  Maybe, but I don't think so.  Again, there's always a bit of regret saying goodbye to something that represents literally hundreds of hours of time, but with where my time and priorities are right now, its all good.

I can build more! :-)


  1. I would like to nkow where did you get your EL train bridge pieces at? can't ding them anywere

    1. Most of the EL was scratch built. I have several posts on it (it took about two years!) but there were a few pieces (Kato double track gider bridge) for some areas. I think your asking about the main EL sections. This post covers most of it: https://quinntopia.blogspot.com/2016/01/working-on-elevated-little.html

  2. Its been great to read your progress over the years. All the best with your new venture and hope to see you back sometime soon. Cheers, John B

  3. So sad seeing your amazing layout gone in a fire sale, but I completely understand. Started my own business, and still hoping to have time to get a layout built. Good luck and I hope to see your new layout sometime in the future.