Downtown Buildings

So I finally added the unnamed Faller 2293 inspired building to the layout and decided to take a few photos.
 That's it right there in the middle in the above phtoos, and slightly off to the right in the below photo.
Below is a street level shot....if you were an N scale sized person and were walking from the Kato-Vollmer downtown train station across the station parking lot, this is the view you would see:
And if you were walking towards the station from the Cathedral, this is the street level view of the new building....
This is from the back side, with the 'original' Faller 2293 inspired building just to the right,a nd the new one down at the end of the block on the right (the 'wall' with no windows!):
And that's it for today!  As always, thanks for reading!


  1. Je suis toujours surpris par la qualité de ton travail et de tes photos.


    J'espère que cela ne t'ennuie pas que j'écrive en français, je me méfie des traducteurs en ligne.


  2. As always, the greatest night scenes.

  3. Excellent pictures. I especially like the 5th one of street level views.

  4. @ Francis: Merci! Pas de problème!

    @ Brad/Sudasana/JD: Thank you gentlemen!

  5. Jerry! Really awe inspiring! Now all we need is Gypsy Danger and a couple of Kaijus and we're all set for a really climatic scene!

  6. Hi Baz! Heh heh! You are right! I actually think one of the reasons I enjoy modelling modern cities are my early memories of the old model cities that Gojira used to destroy!

  7. Nicely Done Jerry. You should be proud of your layout

    aka Spiff