Street Markings (again)

A quick little post on adding street markings (hmmm....this sounds like a repeat!).  Well, as with last time, I used masking tape and white paint to create street markings for the station area. 
I tried using standard artist's white acrylic paint. Its obviously more of 'paste' than the more liquid white paints we typically use on the models, and I thought this extra thickness might help to avoid any bleed through under the masking tape.  I also sort of apply the paint in 'dry brush' fashion; you don't want to lump too much paint onto the street for the markings after all!
I still have some leftover rub-on decals from Faller and Busch to complement the basic stripes I have now, and I will apply some weathering to the street to lose that 'too-clean' look as well.


  1. Do you own an airbrush? I bet some Tamiya paint mixed with alcohol would have done it...

  2. Dear Jerry,
    Can I suggest the following: Use very thin adhesive (electrical) copper tape. Cut strips of tape with backing still in place and clip each end to a piece of wood (I use a strip 6ft 6 inches long) and then spray paint the strips with yellow or white undercoat / primer. (I use automotive spray primer which dries very quickly and has a matt finish).

    When dry cut the strips to the length or lengths you need, peel back a bit of the painted copper tape’s underside and begin to attach to the layout gently peeling back the underside as you go. Always keep the strip taught whilst applying (best to mark out the line with a pencil before hand). The results I’ve had so far have been quite convincing and of course no furry edges. I’ve just used this technique to put down runway markings on a model airport I’m building for the layout. If I’m honest though, I try and avoid curves whenever possible.

    Ross S
    North Berwick
    Scotland UK

  3. Hi FBMinis! Yes, I have an air brush, but I'm concerned that any paint mist would not be good for surrounding buildings or my track make that an option that might be more work than is necessary (including the cleaning and so on of the air brush itself!).

    Hi Ross! That's a great suggestion, but I would be concerned that the adhesive would not hold very well? Interesting idea, but not sure it saves much time or effort in the long haul (but is a good suggestion for difficult to reach spots). It would also probably give a more uniform line width as well too.

    Thanks for the ideas gentlemen!