Luetke Office City Tower Build #0 (Preparations)

 STEP 0 (Preparation)

I purchased a Luetke Modellbahn "Office City Tower" 15 story building along with the 11 story extension a while back and have been both intimidated as well as procrastinating getting started on it.  Well, time to get started!  I decided (with a little urging from one of my friends found through this blog) to share my progress step by step.  So while I typically write about my buildings and experiences after the building is complete, in this case I'll be posting on my progress as I get various steps complete.

Or not. That's sort of the risk of this approach as I may get frustrated and stop!

Below is the primary 15 story kit, and below is the 11 story add-on kit:
The first step is to take a look at all the different parts in this somewhat intimidating kit.
What I realize very early on is that instructions are necessary.  Unfortunately, the instructions come only in German!  I therefore spent an hour manually re-typing the German instructions into Google Translate to attempt to come up with an English-language interpretation. 

So anyway, after reviewing the instructions (now in an almost coherent "English"!) and getting an idea for what all the various pieces do I start to plan how this will go (although its not entirely clear to me yet where/how the 11-story extension gets added ).

One of the first decisions I need to make is where this building will go when its finished and whether or not the rather large provided 'ground plate' will fit.  As it turns out, its rectangular shape really will not fit anywhere on the layout, so I decide to lose some of the features of the kit and shorten it to fit the angled section I expect this building to ultimately rest. 
The plate is a type of styrene like plastic and with multiple scores from the knife, it cuts fairly easily.
Then I have to make some decisions about what to paint, or not.  I've decided to keep the black/grey exterior...it actually has a nice patina and in the photos with this apparent stock color I think it looks really nice.  I do decide that may of the white pieces need some color.  For structural pieces I use Model Masters "Aluminum Plate".

I also need to paint the 'ground section' as it actually incorporates several different types of 'ground' that will best be colored at this stage.  There is the buildings interior floor, the surrounding sidewalk and pedestrian areas, and finally some grass/landscaping areas that complement the area.  With masking tape and some "Camouflage Grey" paint I first paint the color for the concrete sidewalks.
So there you are, several hours already into the project and I have yet to even start "Step 1" of the instructions!

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  1. I'm glad to see you doing a set of "real time" posts about this build. I find any kind of "How I did it" description very interesting and a great way to learn new techniques. And seeing your decisions, and perhaps mistakes, in progress seems to me to be an even more in-depth view than an after-it-succeeds post.
    I understand your concern about stopping mid-stream quite well. I frequently hit a point where my planned approach isn't working, and I stop, often for months, while I mull it over and come up with an alternative. Even if the posts have a long hiatus, don't see that as a failure of this kind of description. Just say "I'm setting it aside for now" and pick up where you left off if/when you start working on it again. Some times "real time" is a long time.