Playing with trains

Sometimes I spend all my time working on the layout that I don't stop and take time to just run trains.  So that's what I did today!  The above photo shows a new addition to my fleet (review coming at some point in the future) which also represents my first Italian locomotive!

Here's another shot:
An old friend, the Minitrix Class 1800 is shown here approaching the Hack Brucken (bridge), and the prefabricated Faller (?) marshes down below.  It turned out quite nice after all!
Here's the same locomotive passing over one of the Busch laser-cut paper underpass model.  This was a pain to install (easy to build), but its coming along.  I still need to do some work on that roadway obviously.
And finally, I love to watch the CC72000 bring a rake of coaches alongside the Kato station platforms 'downtown':
That's all for today! Well, not really....I also attempted to repair, fix, or finish about a hundred little things that were left unfinished earlier or were not done propertly the first time around, but too tedious to write about - much less read about!


  1. It's easy to get so caught up in making a layout on which to play with trains that we forget to actually play with them. I do it all too often. A new model is a good reminder that it's time to do some playing.

    Nice marsh, by the way. All too often model bridges seem to be built to go over something that a normal railroad would have just filled with dirt, maybe with a small culvert. That marsh says "too much work to fill" to me. And it looks real.

  2. As I don't have a permanent layout (yet?!) running trains is the only thing I can do. But seeing your trains in a nicely built context is something! :-)

    One of the things I like the most about your layout is the perspective. Even with closeups, we can still see details or buildings in the background.

  3. ...sigh... If only I had a layout like yours... But anyway, when is that review of the Italian loco coming along ? I'm thinking about buying it

  4. @ Anonymous....its coming soon! Stay tuned!