Hack Bridges ("Hack Brücken")

Quick post on some bridge options that are new to me, and may be something interesting to other folks.   A company called Hack Brueken (Brueken - or Brücken - means 'bridges' in German...Thank you Google Translate!) creates pre-assembled metal bridges in an interesting array of styles and lengths (and in multiple scales).  I came across these bridges on eBay and from the description seemed like a something worth checking out for my overpass on the 'red line'.  I have to say, I am very pleased!

Despite being made of metal, they are very lightweight, and definitely feel more solid than any plastic kit you would purchase and assemble (well, maybe not you, but for me..... yeah, some of these plastic kits require far more dexterity and patience and skill with tweezers than I have, but that's another story....).  While very close inspection does not show a lot of detail (e.g. no rivets), I find the general scale of the girders and beams to look a bit more 'realistic' than the usually much thicker 'plastic varieties'.  I think each has its place, and the idea for me is to have a little bit of diversity on the layout for different lines, so it works for me to have both.  Below is the Kato double-track bridge compared to a Hack single track bridge I'm using on my 'expansion':
I like the arched through-truss bridge so much, I ordered a shorter deck-truss bridge as well, although I'm a little undecided about where it will go. 
Full disclosure is that I know very little about bridge types, so if my 'through-truss' and 'deck truss' descriptions are wrong, I got the explanations from ye olde Wikipedia.

So if you're looking for a bridge that is a bit different than the normally available ones, I'd recommend checking out "Hack"...either on eBay or on their website (I shouldn't have to say this, but I have no relationship with this company, just passing on some neat stuff I found).


  1. He seemed to have recognized this bridge on a previous picture, it is very beautiful and fine. Unfortunately I was not the place I think to incorporate a bridge hack damage.


  2. Stunning bridges those are! Must have one once! :)

  3. They're nice...but expensive indeed.

    BTW since you probably are forced to browse through numerous websites in German, a small tip that you seem to already know: "Brücken" is exactly the same as "Bruecken". The "e" following a vowel in German is (except after "i") just a way of writing the exact same thing without an Umlaut:

    That can be useful to know when google translate refuses some words ;-)

  4. Thanks Pierre! It was fun to use the Apple keyboard to create the "Umlaut" :-) I was guessing that the "ue" would work too!

    As for price, well, with the USD now trading against the Euro at $1.37, EVERYTHING is getting expensive! Fortunately I did a lot of 'shopping' when it was in the $1.20 to $1.30 range last summer.

    Funny how this hobby has made me a 'currency trader'! :-)

  5. I really like the look of the bridge. It'll be one of the many nice focal points to your layout.

  6. Great find. I'll definately have to check them out.

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  8. Sorry for commenting 18 months later but I just had to tell you that those two exact bridges are the ones it came down to for me while deciding on a bridge (the first on my layout) - and that after visiting about 150 websites in the US, Germany and the UK. I like those exact two bridges the most as well - the black Kato one and the one from Hack.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that you have impeccable taste ;-)

    Grüße from Germany!

  9. @ Sebastion Danke! :-) I'm glad that you've found this helpful! I agree, for the quality, the price, the Hack bridges are really exceptional! I'm glad you agree!