I LOVE Kato! - Cool, new modern buildings on the way!

Kato has outdone themselves...apparently.   I learned of these new structures from Kato over on the Japanese N Scale forum (worth a good look if you've never been there, there's a LOT of great stuff that goes beyond just Japan!) which came from a trade show in Japan.  Still too early to know when they'll be released, but the great news is that its these look different from anything else out there and its of course awesome to see some interesting looking modern buildings on the way!

Yeah, I'm excited!  This does mean I've already started planning where to place these buildings, which means that my so-called plans to move beyond structure and building phase and get back to trains are being challenged!  Oh no...more protests?!!


  1. Well... I can protest if you really want me too. We want more trains and less building buildings. :p

    Happy now?

  2. These are awesome Jerry. I really can not wait till they come out! :D

    So cool! :D