Protests and Frustration in Quinntopia

While you would expect the "Little Plastic People" of Quinntopia to be quite satisfied with all the recent developments on the layout (a new tram line, a scenic viaduct, more apartments and offices for living and working) there is unrest in the city.

The other day there was a significant protest in downtown Quinntopia.  While the protester's messages varied, they all seemed generally displeased with the fact that this list of projects never ceases to end, and in the meantime no trains are running!
"We're just tired of all the waiting," said the plastic lady in a giant pink sack, "I mean, we were patient through the construction of the tram, the new train station, and all that...but where is our Nankai 50000 Rap:t?  All that effort to light it and get it to run in DCC...so WHERE IS IT!?"

A man wearing a blue thing demanded more prototypical correctness.  "Its bad enough you have trains from Japan and Europe together, but you have trains from different countries operating on the same lines! Who would believe that! We must put a stop to this prototypical heresy!"

Others were less concerned with these issues.  A man in front of the "Electronics Rip Off" store commented "Look, we're made of plastic, we should be happy just to be here. Someday I know I'll be CA'd to some nice piece of styrene sidewalk, but I know I need to be patient. Hey, I'm made of plastic, its not like I'm going to age or anything".

An onlooker outside the "Super 24 Market" wanted us to know that he was just getting some groceries and doesn't want to get involved in "all the political stuff".  He also added "and something else, looks like there's some monster attacking the city over there!"

It turns out that not only were no trains running (still), a full-on protest, but even monsters were attacking.  Fortunately the Quinntopia Xenomorph Self-Defense Force was on alert and ready to do battle.


  1. Demonstrations in Quinntopia? You've been buying way too much French rolling stock ;)

  2. LOL, that's great. "This is not prototypical." "HO Buildings are Illegal." Classic.

  3. That's the best! Good job. Love the news report feel. And...now I'm definately doing a picket line now.

  4. Frank Giacobbe4/27/10, 12:01 PM

    I had to go check. Depending on which era Godzilla you're talking about, Godzilla would be either 12.3" or 24.6" in N Scale .

  5. Thanks for the comments! I'm running out of 'real news' so this post was a bit of a 'filler'...but its always something I wanted to try!

    Hopefully when the trains start running and the little plastic people get accustomed to some of their kit-bashed HO buildings, they'll simmer down (but don't count on it, I expect we'll have more protests and more monster attacks....it's just the way life is!).

  6. Why is it only monsters fall from the sky and never Lotus blossoms?

  7. Jerry, The picket sign about HO buildings...classic...so funny.

    I love your blog. Once I get my layout started I'll be definitely doing some fun scenerio scenes like these.

    Great work again!


  8. Thanks Bob/Jimmi!

    Bob, when you get your layout together, your going to blow everyone away!

    And you know what...someday it just might rain down Lotus blossoms some day (or a Lotus Blossom Monster?)

  9. I love the "not prototypical" protesters! I have a feeling they may show up on our layout soon... :-)

  10. i am a late bloomer in terms of commenting on this post hehe. but just want you to know the protest idea rocks! ;-) keep on rocking jim!

    am a fan!