The almost complete (not so) simple skyscraper scratchbuild (Part 3)

Here is the almost completed 'paper' and 'plastic' skyscraper.  As explained in my first and second posts on this little project, the idea was to use simple materials to craft a skyscraper from scratch.  I've received lots of good suggestions in the comments about this, and I expect I'll be using them in my next 'build'.
The thing I liked best about working with paper is that it was easy to cut the "NTT" logo into the building at the top.  Backlit with some led's (and some red film) and...instant corporate presence!
Office floors and interior details were, again, a necessity.  I used black foam core for the interior floors (a technique which worked well enough on my first scratchbuild), and created some more of my 'home-made' office cubicles....
I also 'cheated' a bit and used some Kibri "HO" office furniture....most of the pieces had to be sized down a bit, and are still a bit over-sized even then, but I can't use park benches for office furniture, now can I?

You might notice a huge 'blue light' area above the ground floor...this was my attempt to be creative and add something 'artsy' or special to the facade.  I used some blue SMD led's and had them shine into a grid of plastic left over from another kit.  Not sure I'm crazy about how it turned out, however, the extra color will look good in the midst of the rest of the city, I think.

Overall, I'm not totally displeased with how it turned out.  The biggest failing is that it seems too narrow.  I seem to have got into a rut of having too many buildings that are about 3 inches or less wide, which is pretty typical for Kato and other structures, but don't have the realistic feel that a wider skyscraper would have. 


  1. I really love how you fill out the interiors of your buildings. That kind of detail is very enjoyable to me, and an inspiration for my own stuff (…or it will be when I get around to modeling again!) You should do a showcase of the various interiors you have done. Also, would you mind sharing some of the files that you used to print up interior details? It might be nice to have a library of such details available to the community at large.

  2. Thanks Don! I've thought of sharing some of my files, but wasn't sure if anyone would be interested! Thanks for asking! I'll get some posted shortly!