(Not So) Simple Skyscraper Scratchbuild (Part 2)

In my last post, the idea with this scratchbuild was to take easily available materials and make an N Scale skyscraper.  The basis is a window/floor framework printed on regular 11'x17' (tabloid) paper- generously coated with spray paint on both sides - and some clear acrylic 'baseball' display cases.

I switched colors from the brown I had previously, using "Euro Grey" from Model Master spray paints instead, and I ditched the baseball display cases as the 'foundation' since the edges didn't glue level and I knew the seams would be noticeable.  I substituted regular clear acrylic sheets as an alternative (these are available at the local hardware store and can be cut to the size you want generally).

The above photo also shows some trimwork I applied around the window edges with a black marker.  Simple and crude, but I think just the hint of a black edge will help.  More difficult to see in the above image is the "NTT" logo I cut into the paper.  This is one advantage of this method as its easy to cut letters (well, at least letters that don't have curves) to get that back-lit corporate logo effect that is hard to do without a laser cutter!

I also wanted the windows to be a bit darker, but not too dark.  I used 'Transparent Black Window Tint' from Model Masters, which turned out a lot better than I expected.  Below are 'before' and 'after' shots:
The below photos shows the surface after being applied using adhesive spray glue.  This was a less frantic experience than I thought.  There are just a few spots that there may not have been enough adhesive and the paper doesn't sit as flush as I'd like, but these are relatively minor.  Some of the initial lumpiness still shows in the below photo, but I was able to get most of this to flatten out.
And finally...need to fill in all those windows with something!  So I used the same method for creating floors that I used on an earlier skyscraper and carefully glued and inserted the floors into the appropriate spot.
Yes all those wires are, of course, the leads for all the LED's in this model-I think it will be somewhere around 40 or 50 LED's (lost count!).  My next post should have photos of this model all lit up!  Of course, now that its almost Summer, the time for model railroading is very limited, but I hope to get it done before the end of the month!


  1. nice blogs, keep it up :)

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  3. Mny thx for your comment on my blog. I am a regular visitor of your site, as I have quite a lot of Kato tracks as well and i really like your skyscrapers.

    I added you to my blogroll too.



  4. Thank You Grehard! Fortunately "Google Translate" helps me to follow your progress! Very nice work and a great looking blog (I am always jealous of Wordpress blogs!)! Good to see all the images and news from Switzerland as well! Keep up the good work!

  5. Jerry it'll be interesting to see how the paper turns out. I wonder if it'd be a better result if you were to use a very thin sheet of Styrene. I've found you can print on it.

    That said this looks like a really cool idea. I love how the tinted glass came out. Great idea!

    Cheers buddy, Bob