Viaduct Video with Thalys!

Here's a quick video I put together of the layout with the new viaduct which also shows off the new Kato 'super-elevated' curves. The viaduct track itself has Tomix Cant track (or super-elevated track if you prefer). Careful observers will also notice that this line includes Fleischmann flex track as well! There you go! Three track systems on one line!

However, its also a bit of mess. You will see some styrofoam on some of the unfinished embankments. All the 'city' and urban areas are a mess as well. You'll also notice that there are no other trains on the layout through this whole video (they are all safely put away whilst I do all this surgery).  So why does the Thalys get featured amongst all my other trains? Simple: I so despise the coupling mechanism between the cab cars and the coach that I hate taking it apart.  But that....is another post entirely.


  1. Thanks Don! I was a little uncertain about posting this. I've wanted to do more video, but I had previously been using my digital camera to create movies, but that limits options (for one, you can't change the focus in movie mode!) so I haven't been using a lot of video. However, Santa (aka my wife) got me a nice little HD camcorder and I found an old tripod, which is really fun to use. I'm still learning how to 'shoot' the layout, and am not real pleased with how messy it all looks right now, but I wanted to get the viaduct video up to show the work and sort of close out this topic to move back onto buildings, locomotives and the usual blather here. Thanks again for visiting Don!

    Also, let me know if you have any thoughts on my blog design. If you didn't notice, I tend to tinker with it a lot (usually after being bored or tired of my existing 'look' or getting inspired by someone else's look (right now, I'm sort of inspired by Otenko's look if it doesn't show!). And any other readers that have suggestions or comments on the layout, please comment as well!

  2. A new banner and now the video! Nice.

    I really like the viaduct, it's really beautifull. This part of your layout is now amazing.

  3. Woa!

    Congrats for the new vid! really like the new layout. There's one thing I've noticed in the Thalys that makes me angry on my Minitrix ICE. The internal lights often blink :( So I think it's not an issue of my layout.

    BTW: Great landscape composition, really like the rocks under the bridge and of course the new site design!

    Have a nice day.


    Oh, before I forgot... I've linked your blog on mine because I think yours it's a great point of reference! ;)

  4. Awesome, the viaduct rocks alot. Train also. Didnt thought its the nice cold white (kinda blue) led light instead of warm white.
    No that iam a fan of soldering, but to solve the flickering you could solder an small capacitor into them.

  5. Someday I think I will do something about the flickering. To be honest, I am now somewhat used to it (thought not happy about it) and there are more 'fun' projects to work on. I think the capacitor idea is brilliant.

  6. Enjoying your blog, well done on the viaduct, and the vid is eminently watchable. What software do you use to create the video graphics?

  7. The new blog design is looking very nice. Always enjoy your posts and especially enjoyed this video. Really made me want to get to work on my own N-scale layout some day!

  8. Stuart:

    I used LiveType (from Apple) which came with Final Cut Express. It was another Xmas gift from the wife!

    And thanks to everyone for all the kind comments!

  9. Hi Jerry
    I like your webpage, blog and model railway layout.
    The articles about 1:150 and 1:160 buildings are interested. I think you can happily mix the two. Problems only arise when you try to mix european 1:160 trains (Fleischmann, Kato, Minitrix, Brawa, Roco etc) with British 1:148 trains (Graham Farish/Bachmann). Unfortunately they look hideously oversized (which they are), so you have to run them on seperate days. Also trying to mix cardboard kit and plastic building kits on the same layout does not work.
    Where do you live out of interest? I'm English but live in Germany.
    I model modern era trains in particular high speed trains.
    Mark www.drapes.de

  10. Hi Mark! Thanks for the comment! I think that's a great point! I've been aware that British 1:148 is noticeably a lot larger than the 1:160 and have shied away from British outline locos for that reason. I know that even some of my Japanese stuff is a little bit of a stretch (particularly the DF 200, the EMU's are not as noticeably different). I do have one British outline locomomitive that came with a 'lot' I won on eBay that would make for an interesting comparison.

    I checked out your site, I like the trains section and will be back!

    I'm located in the Seattle area of the US by the way.