Tomytec KFC

Way back in January I posted about my joy in getting a box full of cool little TomyTec buildings (Thanks again Plaza Japan on eBay!). I did mention that my layout is not particularly Japanese themed, so some 'globalization' would be in order. This is just a quick photo of the idea and an okay result of turning one of the buildings into a KFC (which I've personally seen in both China, Japan, and of course Europe...so yeah, 'global' in a weird way! :-)). I've been experimenting with various methods of creating lit or backlit signage for buildings. What you see in this photo is color inkjet printed decal on clear acrylic (sanded for the angle) using Testor's white laserjet decal paper (there are two LED's in the plastic behind it. I've also used other methods, mostly involving color laser printers to avoid that 'splotchy' look the inkjet decals have. More on that in another post....

This building lacks interior detail...which has sort of become an obsession with me. I rationalize the lack as I expect this to be too far from viewer for them to see into the store. Also, the glass doors were a 'quick and dirty' solution. All that you see there is a clear sheet of plastic with the metal wires from clipped LED's glued onto the plastic. That was a spur of the moment solution that turned out okay!

Well, thanks for reading! Hungry for chicken now?

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