Burger Konig Lighting almost complete!

A quick post on my efforts to 'globalize' some of the Japanese buildings I've acquired in the past several weeks and my interest in creating more of the 'backlit' signage affects of prototype buildings. "Burger Konig" is almost done, I just applied a second decal over the first layer (I am using an inkjet printer with Testor's white background decal sheets, more on that here) which does give a better 'solid' color than just one layer of decals, the decal in the photo has not yet been trimmed yet, which explains some of the 'flappiness' around the edges. The vertical signs on the face of the building (not the sign over the storefront) have just the one original decal layer, and as you can tell from the photos, the LED in the plastic behind the decals overpowers the inkjet decals. I will likely apply a second decal as that seems to work pretty well.


  1. Thanks! Photos always bring out the flaws, so I debate whether to post some of my work,but I have to think about everything as practice and hope other readers can enjoy the experience if not up to 'professional standards'!