Layout Version 1 (N Scale)

Last year I built and completed an N Scale layout on a 36" by 80" hollow core door. My previous experience with O Gauge was a great introduction to layout building as its quite amazing how quickly and inexpensively building a cool, interesting N Scale layout can be --- when you consider the cost of doing it in O Scale vs N, the time and money difference is amazing!

The layout was basically composed of a small lower level loop (this was created from some leftover Minitrix track) that was primarily the 'branch line' for my son. The second level, at about 2" elevation, was where I had two basic ovals, an extended siding, and several storage tracks. All of the track on the upper level was Kato Unitrack, which I chose based on its ease of use and no need to do any BALLASTING!

I really enjoyed putting together a layout that, as much as possible, allowed me to build a 'little world' with buildings, lights, and (as much as I can make possible) seamless, error-free, train operating!

Unfortunately, once I ran out of interesting scenery, building and other type of projects on this layout, I found that two ovals were kind of boring and, to make matters worse, I was running out of space on my pitifully inadequate sidings to store my quickly accumulating inventory of Tomix and Kato buildings and Trix and Fleischmann trains!!!

So, it was back to the drawing board, and the project I am now in the midst of "Layout Version 2" which is essentially a doubling of the original layout by adding yet another 36" x 80" board onto the end!

So "LV1" is finished, but out of its ashes comes "LV2"!!!

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