New N Scale Layout plans

As mentioned in my last post, this layout is basically doubling the size of my first layout by adding a separate 80" x 36" hollow core door. The goals I had in mind when deciding I need to expand the first layout are:

1. At least one, very long, track run that would provide some interesting running and break up the monotony of the first lauouts two concentric loops. This was done by having the main line extend down to the bottom level and ten back up again.
2. Expand storage space, add a 'fiddle yard' on the lower level.
3. Expand and maintain separate line for my son, but connect with main line at fiddle yard area, thus creating a junction between the 'upper' and lower' lines.
4. Based on my learning experience from the first layout, improve on scenery, buildings, lighting, electrical, and ensure flawless uni-track connections!

UPDATED! Improved and more accurate version of the "Layout Version 2" track plane at this post.

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  1. By the way, in case you are wondering, the Pink track is the lower level, Green are grades, while Grey is the upper level.