Yep, you read that right. I'm selling out. Pretty much everything will go: Locomotives, rolling stock, buildings, track, DCC system, etc...

If you are interested in any of the buildings or rolling stock you've seen on my layout, keep an eye on my eBay store:


My eBay account is listed under "joemesmero". I created that account a long time ago! :-)

If you REALLY want to make an offer on something before it goes up on eBay (or just don't want to deal with eBay), send me an email at quinntopia at hotmail dot com or using the 'contact' feature here on the blog. I will start putting most items on ebay in the next couple of weeks, and proably slowly add more stuff through early Fall. I think there's about a hundred different items to photograph, describe, upload, weigh, etc.. so it may take some time for many items to show up.

Some of you may be wondering....why?

Well, there is not really just any one reason, but many smaller reasons. Here they are in no particular order: I may be moving in an year. While I planned on boxing everything up, that just didn't make as much sense when you consider the next two reasons.... I've also started my own business (its what I've done my entire professional life, and its an ad agency: ) and because that takes up both a lot of TIME and requires MONEY to invest, well....those two things made it hard to find time or resources for more modeling.

Yep, I still love N scale. The trains, the models, the whole thing. But for the next few years, putting everything in boxes seemed sort of pointless to me. I assume that what I sell I can replace (or get something different) or build again.

Many of the items will be those things that I spent a lot of time working on. In most cases I'll probably put a crazy 'buy it now' price on it. Honestly, I have no idea how to value a building I spent over a hundred hours working on, particularly when its not a perfect item. So it'll be interesting to see how this goes!

Please fee free to ask me any questions, and also share this with other N scale modelers who might be interested!