gorham building 1
Hello modellers!

Wow, it's been awhile since my last post. I've been busy!  I'll have a few more updates shortly.

I've been adding my buildings to the layout and arranging them, which also means putting together a few kits that have been sitting around.

I purchased CMR's Gorham Building several years ago (based on this actual building) and I decided to finally put it together. It's the ideal size for a certain spot, and decided it was time to get it on the layout!  Below is the plat where this new/old building will be installed.
The CMR kit is made of an interesting material.  It's a laser-cut sort of styrene or plastic. I actually really enjoyed putting it together. And while the pieces are all flat plastic, once complete they look really nice.

The instructions advise you to paint the structure after assembly, but as I wanted to use different shades of grey for the different layers, I sprayed them all beforehand and then glued after they were painted.

Interior detail was primarily limited the large ground floor entrance/lobby area.

I really like how this building turned out. in addition to lighting, I applied several coats of washes to really draw out the laser cut details that CMR puts on the pieces.
 More updates to follow! Thanks for reading!


  1. Very nice Jerry ! I have admired those CMR building kits for years and it is great to see one actually built and on a layout.

  2. Hi Jerry, Apologies if you've already answered this loads of times but what do you use for your city streets and roads... they look really good. Are you starting with something prefab and then weathering it or are they totally from scratch? Thanks!