It's done!

And it only took a year!  Literally.

It was a year ago when I had my basic plan for how I would construct an early 20th Century style elevated metro/subway station.

Hey, these things take time!

Below are some photos picking up from my last post.  As you can probably tell from the photos, lot's of strip styrene....

 For the windows on the roof, I had some transparent Evergreen Plastics sheets on which I masked and spray painted horizontal lines to simulate window panes.  On top of this I glued pre-painted styrene strips.
 Of course now with the roof finished, I can start to enjoy the station area a bit more!
One of the many tasks that made the project take time, is having to complete various details.  The station platforms were built from scratch, painted, marked with pencil, and of course had people and various bits of details added.  Something like this can slow down actual roof construction for several weeks!
 Interior view with platforms..
 I almost did not have glass windows on the roof, but I knew that I would regret not being able to see the station interior from the top, plus I like a bit of ambient light coming out of the station!  So I'm glad I did it, but it was yet another complication to the roof project that added at least a month of work.
 So, with the station really almost done (Not true: Still a few more details) I can start working on the rest of the city and (believe it or not) actually putting down tracks for the 'main lines'!

Thanks for reading!