The very tedious process of creating sidewalks is finally nearing completion.  The process I've come up with takes several steps, so it's been...well, tedious!
The good news is that I am now moving on to much more interesting steps.  Namely, the placement of street markings!  This is another somewhat time consuming step, but when its all done it will be worth it!
Once I have all the street markings down (almost there!) I'm going to weather the streets with some weathering powder, and then apply a flat clear-coat over the whole mess. Once that's complete, I'll add street lighting and then the buildings are added!
The last time I create street marketings was six years ago, and I used a similar solution: dry transfer decals.  However, my experience last time led me to prefer the dry transfer decals from Japanese company "TGW".  The Busch are nice, the Faller are difficult (but that might be because they are old and the decals have dried out?) and Woodland Scenics leaves too much glue residue. I ordered the TGW street markings from Hobbysearch Japan.  While not perfect, they apply really well and don't have tendency to crack or break as much. I had to trim the crosswalks to avoid a specifically Japanese style, but this was just a minor step.

And like I said....soon the buildings are coming back! Here is my jam-packed workbench with most of the large structures out of their storage boxes! Soon!


  1. Looking great! And that workbench with all those buildings, oh my... very drool worthy.

    1. Thanks Michael. You know, my main problem now is resisting the temptation to buy or build even MORE buildings. I'm not quite sure if I'll have room for everything!