Combining a Refinery and Other Buildings

Hello! Its been a while since I've posted anything creative, but as the calendar starts to shift to Fall, my hobby and modeling time is back on the agenda again!  I started a small project to basically combine a couple of smaller kits, and the reconcile the mess I made from one of my earlier wiring jobs (so pay attention, here is yet another Quinntopia mistake you can learn from! :-).

Below are sections from my Walther's Refinery kit as well as some Lyddle End (Hornby?) industrial buildings.  As they sat together on my workbench while all the other parts of the layout were being removed, I thought that they all looked quite nice together and I should do something to combine them into one unit.
Additionally, I need to fix my original wiring solution that I had for the refinery.  As you can see in the photo below, each wire lead exited from the bottom of a structure.  This is a terrible arrangement as you then need to drill holes for each lead through the benchwork/tabletop!!  So this would be fixing by consolidation/soldering all the separate leads into (ultimately) one lead (so that only one hole is needed for the installation of this structure).
 So I've got most of the wiring, the base and my plan, I need to install some lampposts, add some details, paint the ground, etc...  All in all a really fun little project!  More details to come!


  1. Hi! awesome blog. Just getting back into N. in the same boat as you with kids n such. I have a bunch of old German Trix stuff. I'm into CDN and US passenger stuff. Dad is german and got me these as a kid 82-90. My plan is to sell or swap for US streamliner or modern US stuff. Do you know any outlets?


    Toronto CAN

  2. Hi Rob! I'm not sure how exactly you could swap out the trains, but I've used eBay quite a bit to reduce my collection. Unfortunately, most trains don't really hold a lot of long-term value (they are not investments), so you may not get much for locomotives (mostly because newer modellers are better in quality, operation, detail, and digital, older locomotives - except for our of production and rare models, and not something in high demand), whereas certain good quality passenger cars or other quality rolling stock could hold up on price really well. I would recommend looking around on eBay and watching what similar items are selling for before you post anything (make sure to look for 'international sellers' as well since a lot of German based sellers sell to the US and CA through eBay).

    Good luck! Let me know what you plan to do!