Terminal for Sale...

Well, as part of the process of 'rebooting' Quinntopia, one of my favorite pieces is just too large to fit into the next version.

So its for sale...see this listing on eBay:

Maybe...I could dismantle it and use the two buildings separately!  That would make two nice, modern style office buildings. But, before I do that, I thought I would try and sell it.

But, as I mentioned on my last post, what its worth?  Hard to know.  On the one hand, its 'homemade' has no 'warranty' and has a lot of errors, goofs, and gaffes.  So is it presumptuous of me to ask a high price?

Then again, I put a lot of time, energy and effort into it. So what's it worth?

Its like Economics 101...let's see what the market will bear! If nothing else it should be interesting.

And now I'm having second thoughts, maybe I should abandon the whole station idea altogether and just try and sell or re-use myself, the two office structures?

Not sure, not sure... thoughts? Comments?


  1. Posting shows it's already sold! Did someone shell out for this great piece, or did you change your mind?

  2. No! It sold really fast! After only 40 minutes! I was surprised!

  3. I must say I was a beautiful end-station. Looking forward to see Quinntopia V5 track plan soon :)

  4. I heard once the right price of something is exactly the maximum ammount that someone would pay for it. Sold in 40 minutes? It was a very good price. ;)