The End is Nigh!

Hello N Scalers!  As you can tell from recent posts (or lack thereof!) things are winding down with the original 'Quinntopia v5' and as I think I've expressed before, I have been inspired/challenged by the idea of a simpler, but more 'quinntopia-ish' layout.  Does that make sense? Maybe, maybe not.  What it really means is that my next layout will be more urban with fewer yard tracks (and switches!) and at least a three track main line with a two track elevated 'metro' system.
In the interim, the old layout needs to go.  Yes, all the buildings are saved, most of the track (with the exception of some of the flex track used mainly in the yards and the passenger terminal - which is cheap enough and too much of a pain to try and salvage, so it goes right into the landfill unfortunately) and the long 'Memorial Day Weekend' seemed like an appropriate and convenient time to end my procrastination and start the process of demolishing the Quinntopia layout.  Thus, I am sharing a few photos of the 'progress'  today....
 Yes, its bittersweet, but sometimes to start something new, old things must pass away.


  1. Hi Jerry

    If your track is down with white wood glue, simply spray with foam gun cleaner, count to 5 and lift it up!! Its as easy as that.

    Happy planning, constructing and playing.....again!!!

    Cheers, John B (Scotland)

  2. I've re-started my layout many times and even the most ballasted and glued section turns to mud with a good soak of water and alcohol. I'm able to salvage about 75% of my track every time I rip and re-start, and that 25% is generally from being careless when prying the track up.

    I'm excited about the re-start. Your layout was awesome but I think we are very similar people in our mindsets and goals and I totally understand how you feel. You learned and accomplished a lot with Quintopia but I think you got to the point where the regrets and mistakes started to pile up and new ideas and everything you learned kept shouting to start over.

    Buildings are all salvageable, track is mostly salvageable. Many elements like retaining walls are even salvageable. In a restart you lose some scenic material and maybe your benchwork. Big deal!

    I'm really looking forward to the new layout, and I've mentioned it before but if you need any custom laser cutting please let me know!

    I also hope you maybe consider at least posting your updates on nscale.net or therailwire. Some good forums!

  3. PS
    I've moved and have a new layout started. Going to have a nice big city on the right, industrial area in front of the window, and a port and probably a helix on the left. The city level is raised and will have an AUTOMATED (using arduino and sensors) tram system. If my automatic tram system works I'd be happy to send you the stuff and code if you want to do it as well. The parts are dirt cheap, it's mostly the programming and just assembling it all.


  4. @ Hi John! Thanks! I only have a little Atlas flex track, and its cheap enough (and I don't plan to use it again) that I'd rather use my time on other parts of the demo (e.g. Like cleaning up all the Kato track!)

    @ Baron BINGO! I think you just said it far better than I could! Its funny that the stuff that gets destroyed in a demo is mostly the relatively cheap scenery and (in my case!) terrible benchwork! I should post a photo of all the stuff I salvaged! The new space looks pretty awesome...MAN that will be huge!

  5. This is a little sad to see, even though we knew you had plans to tear it down. I am sure whatever you built next will be amazing, though.