Bookcase Diorama Project #6

The diorama project is slowly coming along (hah! I remember that this was going to be a little Christmas vacation project!).
So as you can tell by some of the photos, there's been some additional foliage applied as well as the installation of the electrical wiring for the signals!
So before I get any criticism from the prototypical-ly obsessed, these are not working signals (yes, mein freund, I am talking to you! I can read snarky remarks on any forum in any language with my trusty friend Google translate! So..be nice!) these signals are just here to represent what real signals MIGHT look like - and of course to add some color and interest to the diorama.

Still a lot more work to be done, but its finally starting to look like an urban landscape!


  1. Hi Jerry, watching this diorama project with interest. Bob Lawson (Grt Model Railroads #45) used the diorama method to build his layout, and I am currently planning to do the same, albeit in HO. So keep up the posts and the good work, they are all being read!!
    John B (Scotland)

  2. Hi Jerry,
    Always good to see your diorama progress and looks like it is finally finished.

    That puts me to shame as I have not progress much with mine. The last progress just separating the track subroad from the street subroad. Sigh.


  3. Hi Jerry,
    Wow! You have done some truly amazing work on your layout. Impressive is an understatement. I am in the beginning of my own N-scale layout and it is coming along nicely. You are very generous to share all of your creativity and knowledge with other folks. It gives me food for thought!

  4. Hi Jerry,
    You have done a fantastic job creating and designing your layout! I have started an N Scale layout myself and it is so much fun. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and creativity. Really!

  5. Jerry -

    Cool diorama! Keep up the good work! Sent you an email ... check it out if you get a chance ... some questions for you re DCC.

    ~Scott (SF Bay Area)

  6. Hey everyone! Thanks as always for the nice comments! Progress has been a lot slower on this diorama as I realized I really want this to be way more detailed and I can't rush it too much!

    Thanks for all the nice words as always!

  7. Hi everyone! A belated thanks for all the kind words! I have not been able to post here for a while for a couple of reasons...mostly becuase I have nothing new to report! :-) I've been spending all my free time on a bathroom remodel project, the garage (where I work on my trains) has been cold all spring, and whatever free time I have had lately has been spent on other activiites! I'll be back someday soon I hope!

  8. Jerry--

    Have followed your work for years(!) now, great work! One suggestion--you might want to try using brass rods to power lights. The rods can be easily hidden and run up many floors where you tap power for lights with wire. This eliminates the rat's nest of wiring where many lights aree installed!


  9. Hi Stuart! Thanks for posting! And that's a great tip! I actually did try something like this on a couple of buildings...my Skynet building used this approach! :-) I agree its really a huge time saver and a lot easier than wire!