Bookcase Diorama Project #6

The diorama project is slowly coming along (hah! I remember that this was going to be a little Christmas vacation project!).
So as you can tell by some of the photos, there's been some additional foliage applied as well as the installation of the electrical wiring for the signals!
So before I get any criticism from the prototypical-ly obsessed, these are not working signals (yes, mein freund, I am talking to you! I can read snarky remarks on any forum in any language with my trusty friend Google translate! So..be nice!) these signals are just here to represent what real signals MIGHT look like - and of course to add some color and interest to the diorama.

Still a lot more work to be done, but its finally starting to look like an urban landscape!


Bookcase Diorama Project #5

Hello! Hello! Hello! A quick update as January is quickly getting away from me!  A fair amount of work has been done on the diorama since my last post, with the most obvious in these photos being the laying down of ballast!  You will also notice (probably need to click on the photo to see it in 'large size' mode!) that some of the other 'walls' were painted, tagged and added.
 So a lot has actually been done! You can see some steel girders installed to support the city street, signals, and even (yes!) cantenary!!
However, I am reminded how much I hate ballasting! Yuck! But its something that must be done (well, if you don't use pre-ballasted track!).  I am using plain old Woodland Scenics 'fine' light brown this time.  While I still have a lot of light grey left over from the layout, I wanted a different look for this diorama.  I like the color, but I still think that even 'fine' Woodland Scenics ballast is too large looking for N scale.  But its cheap and available!

Okay, time to get back to work! Ciao for now!