Bookcase Diorama Project #2

Progress is under-way on the new "billy" bookcase shelf diorama!  The top photo shows the (now primed/painted) shelf diorama unit with some glue to apply an additional layer of foam core....

...and below is the extra foam-core layer applied with a 'cut out' section in the left corner to provide more elevation for the tracks on the diorama (this makes more sense if you look at the bottom photo):
Once the foam-core bottom layer adhered, I then worked out where my flex track would go, applied some cork roadbed, glued it down, and then cut out more foam core for the retaining wall (the blue clamps are holding some plastic stoneware sheets to the foam core in the below photo).
I've finally got the cork roadbed and enough of the bottom level retaining walls to start to get an idea of what the second level will look like.  You can see in the below photo where the second level tracks will cross over the bottom level.    You may also see why I added in the additional layer of foam core....this diorama will sit at eye level, and as there will be some sort of fascia along the front, I didn't want the tracks to sit right at the same level as the top of the fascia.
The retaining wall is the black area just behind the cork roadbed.  They are black as they just have a base coat of black primer on them right now.  I'm going to paint them a stone/concrete color and add some homemade graffiti decals as part of my next steps!

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