The Station Area Buildings

Well, I finally completed all of the facades for the station area and installed them on the layout.  I covered the structures in more depth in an earlier post, so I'll provide some minimal comments with the below photos.
The above photo is the combination of two Artitec facades kit-bashed to form a taller building.  You can get a better sense of its increased height in the photo at the bottom.   The awning over the doorway is leftover from a TomyTec structure and I thought it might work well here.
These photos are more of the Artitec buildings.  The sidewalk is made from card stock...usually I use styrene but cardstock is both easier to work with (that is, easier to cut!) and cheaper.  Others have used to to good effect so I thought I wold give it a go.
While these are facades, I actually built them so that they go back about 10mm/ 3/4" so that the interiors appear to have some depth.  Given where these buildings are located, and the fact they are facades, I did virtually nothing in terms of interior detail.
The above facade is another Artitec kit, but it is a an HO kit.  As I mentioned in my earlier post, I cut out the HO sized doorway and substituted an entrance from my Walthers Hardwood Furniture structure.  Honestly, it turned out really well and has me thinking of more HO kits I can 'convert' in the future!
The "Chong Ching" establishment shown in the above photo is actually a real place near Gare de l'Est in Paris.  I thought the name and sign were kitschy and seemed like a suitable establishment to locate right across the street from the station.
This building is my homage to those classic 'sidewalk cafe' type restaurants.  More detail on this in my last post.

And finally, below is the 'street' itself across from the station.  It also provide s a good view (and one of the few photos that came out in decent focus!!!!) of the 'deconstructed' Arnold Universal building that become a small office tower with a giant "Miele" billboard on the roof. 
In addition to the first 'background structures' I made several months back (not shown in the above photo as the station tower is blocking them) I need a few more buildings to complete the scene.  I also need to get clever about creating depth at the road intersection shown in the above photo.  There are some interesting paper-based kits available from Scalescenes that I may work on next.

Finally, thanks to everyone for the nice comments.  Truly...THANK YOU! I know what an absolute PAIN the latest version of the "Capcha" security thing is....how annoying is that! Of course, anyone who has started a blog knows how quickly the ridiculous spammers will start posting if you don't have this sort of feature, but wow, its annoying!  Its an amazing test of patience and tenacity to write a comment these days!


  1. Really good!!! I mean, I'm right now modifying a Vollmer kit and I still don't have the interiors done! But as always, your projects are a source of ideas for me, great job!!

  2. Dear Jerry,
    Can only agree with the comments above; looks wonderful. I’m now working on a café here at Wholesome Railways to give the Preiser folk a bit of glitz.

    Re your earlier post: SNCF X73900 Arnold HN2101, have you had a look at Modelisme Ferroviaire A L’Echelle N (http://www.referencement-n.com) ? Very informative site for anyone interested in French outline and what's available.

    Ross S
    North Berwick
    Scotland UK