Luetke Office City Tower Build Step # 2


Okay, this is a relatively easy and short step!  So let's get on with Step 2!

The original German instructions;
2. Danach die schwarze Untersichtplatte Ea mit der kreis förmigen Nut auf die Fassade stecken unde fixieren. Die semicircle formigen Kernöffnungen mussen jetzt übereinander liegen.  Die acht 4mm starken stutzen werden nun von unten durch die Bodenplatte in die Untersichtplatte gesteckt und an der Bodenplatte verklebt.

And the somewhat incomprehensible English computer translation:
Then the black soffit plate Ea with the circular groove put on the facade fix under. The semicircle shaped core holes must now align. Clip the eight 4mm thick are now inserted from below through the base plate into the soffit plate and bonded to the bottom plate.

So what that means is that now you're going to take the circular piece labelled "Ea" and attach it to the top of the glass wall section we glued to the bottom level in Step 1.

Of course, its not that easy as you still have the difficult task of attempting to align the glass walls into a very thin circular groove.   Also be sure that the two semi-circle holes in both the roof and the bottom section are aligned! 

The second half of Step 2 is to insert the 4mm columns.  They come white, but I painted them (and other parts) with Model Masters "Aluminum Plate".   Again, this is simpler than it sounds as the columns fit very tightly into holes around the windows.  A trick I used is to run a thin brass tube (anything that is skinny enough to fit in the columns would work) through the columns to guide them into the holes on the other side.  Glue'em in and your done!
Okay...that's it for Step 2! Easy huh? ;=)

Next...Step 3!!!!

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  1. Jerry: To get wires into your work on step 3, why not run the wires through the vertical columns from step 2 on the first floor instead of through the brass tubes you drilled into the elevator shaft? And/or replace the plastic columns with hollow brass tubes that make this easier, since you're using the brass tubes to align the plastic columns? Next, please show how you soldered/wired together the LEDs -- I presume you are doing this away from the plastic parts.