The N Scale Building Group

DSCF1600aDSCF1594aCosmic 22 story Condo/Apartment/HotelScratchbuildingFlatironAlong The Main Street
DSCF1557aIllinois Central N scale layoutDSCF1415aDSCF1420aDowntown QuinntopiaThe "Banal Apartments" and the "908" building.
Downtown QuinntopiaDowntown QuinntopiaBackground BuildingsBackground BuildingsHarley N ScaleDSC01873
The N Scale Building Group, a group on Flickr.
Share your 1:160 buildings at the N Scale Building Group!
I've developed some great friendships with fellow N gaugers (ranging from 1:148 to 1:160!) who are passionate about pushing the edges of N Scale buildings! Together we've created a place to post and share photos of our work so that it can be used for inspiration and encouragement for everyone!

So even if you just want to share photos of a kit you completed, a scratch-build you put together, or your entire virtual urban environment, please feel free to join and post your photos of your building creations at the N Scale Building Group on Flickr!


  1. Great idea! Knock knock, let me in! :)

  2. @ Vic S: We'd love to have you! You'll probably need to sign up from a Flickr account, but its free and Flickr's a pretty good photo site (none are perfect!).

    We'd all like to see your stuff!