Station Update Part 3

Work proceeds on the station although truthfully I ran out of inspiration on this since my last post and have been distracted by a couple of other projects, so not as much done as I would have liked, but here's what's new....

The 'second level' of the station is now mostly complete with lighting, painting and some basic details.  I used a neat little website to create some brick patterns which I then printed out on paper and then used as the basis for my walls.   The result is okay...for something that is virtually 'free', its quite nice.  I may not be totally pleased with the overall look in a few years I am guessing.  Anyway, the 'Paperbrick' sites is pretty cool and I recommend you chck it out if you are looking for some basic wall patterns on a budget!

Below is a what I imagine is some sort of 'sit-down' restaurant (with a nice big window overlooking the tracks!)....
I re-purposed one of the extra ground floor sections from my Kato "Boutique and Office Building" kit bash, and relatively unchanged from Kato's original design it functions as some sort of shop on the second level....
And on the other side of the second level, some generic office space was added.  This won't be visible for anyone not standing on the layout itself (which is to say, it should be visible to no one!) so I didn't try to hard to make much up here.
On the bottom or platform level, I've shown a few photos but no close-ups.  Starting again on the left side as you face the back of the station, there is a "Viva La Wurst" which is a real fast food place I visited in Hamburg.  I love the logo, and tried my best to reproduce it...well, from a bit further away than this photo it turned out pretty good....
Next to "Viva La Wurst" is a "Nero" coffee shop (all over London), which is next to a "Relay" news stand (big in France!).  The decal for the Relay news stand unfortunately saw some damage during the process so will have to be reapplied at some point.
And next to Relay is a "Pizza Haven" (if anyone can identify where this restaurant is from, I will be shocked!) and a made-up "Fluer Blume" flower shop....
The elevators are in!  No more stairs! Yeah!  Well, maybe you'll want to take the stairs as these are somewhat narrower than usual elevators or lifts.   An SMD LED on the roof of the lift adds a bit of light and color.
The next stage is trying to get it all to fit!  The photo below shows what the station looks like from space.  I am using "Post It" notes to determine the new floor space for the ground floor of the terminal building.  So the next step involves more cutting of styrene!  Oh fun!


  1. Your station is looking great, I like those shops, the look very real and they're quite what you'd find in a real station in any big city in europe.

    I just wonder, looking at the pictures very carefully, how people will be able to access the elevators from the street level without going down one set of stairs first. I'd love to see your solution for this issue.

    Great station,


  2. Jerry,

    That looks amazing ! I can imagine a station like this perfectly in Europe ! Great work !

    I also love the fact that you've put a store that comes from one of your locos homes. I find it a shame that all this hard work will be covered by the canopies !

    But still, for the past month that you've only posted updates about your station. What else is new in Quinntopia ? New buildings ? New trains ? I don't know.

    Keep up the good work,

  3. Hi Jerry,

    funny to see so many familiar logos at your station. Beside the Viva la Wurst I also recognized the logo of Saturn on the 3rd and A.T.U on the 4th pic, which you probably also saw in Hamburg.
    What I'm still missing on your station is a big departure board with train numbers, destinations, platform numbers and departure times and smaller displays on each platform telling the details of the next train.
    So still enough work to do in future :)

    Greeting from Hamburg


  4. @ Brusseleir - Thanks! Your comment means a lot! As for the elevator question, I wasn't very clear but in the very bottom photo you can see where I was using post-it notes to mock up the new 'ground floor'...its not obvious in the photo but it shows where their will be access to the elevators!

    @ Mark - Thank you as well! Lot's of other stuff going on, but not enough time to blog about it! I actually scratchbuilt some 'background buildings' that I will post on in a week or so, and I've also been dealing with CV / programming issues with some of my locomotives (I won't be posting about that!).

    @ Joerg - Thanks for your comments! Its nice to see that others see the little touches! I have a lot of fun with that part of it! :-) Yes, still need to figure out the big destination board....I don't have a solid plan yet, but I do know its a necessity!

  5. John B-Scotland4/5/12, 10:47 PM

    Hi Jerry (& Joerg)

    Re the destination boards...use clear (plastic) printing paper (The stuff that is rough on one side) and print the background black and leave the writing in say yellow. (I use an excell spreadsheet for this) Then stick a light behind it!

  6. Hi Jerry,

    I have no words to explain, but your work is excellent! Congratulations!

    And thank you very much for sharing your acknowledgments and good work with us! :-)


  7. John B-Scotland4/8/12, 6:27 PM

    Hi Jerry

    A little tip just in case.....

    Have you ever tried to lift track that has been stuck down with white PVA(wood) glue? Give the area a spray with the cleaner used to clean expanding foam guns....count to 5 and lift the track!! It dissolves the glue. Wash any ballast and re-use both track & ballast.

    Looking forward to your next post.