Layout Update!

A  brief update on what's happening on the layout in the past several weeks.

Progress has really come along on the track-covering that started back in January as my effort to fix (hide) my track loop near the new passenger terminal.
Although its been a four month project, I've spent my time trying to get some gritty looking walls for the 'tunnel interiors', laying down the grass, and even added a few lights in the tunnel.  I really like the look of graffiti on the walls in this area and will plan on adding more!  
My DB BR03 gets a chance to turn its side-rods as it pulls a rake of coal cars through the tunnel! I really like how the walls and graffiti work with the grass in this shot!
I've also been doing a little 'playing with trains', and have moved a few trains into the new terminal area, and I have to say, its looking prettly cool.  I need a few more people and details on the platforms, but this part of the layout feels done enough that I can move onto other areas!
Another view of the passenger terminal, with the city backdrop behind it.  I plan on having some sort of illumination for all the buildings in the background when I'm all done, right now I've got other priorities.
But I've had a real 'writer's block' (or whatever you want to call it for us modellers) as it comes to the design of my fancy, modern new passenger terminal.  I was originally feeling good about the below idea, and was proceeding with it, but I just lost enthusiasm for the project.  I realized the issue was the design just wasn't inspiring me, so it wasn't something that I was motivated to work on.  The good news, is that I did find some inspiration and have been feverishly working on putting it together in the past two days, and I hope to be able to share my results in a week or so!


  1. The platforms and grafitti-covered wall really do look good. Obviously a lot of work went into that, but the results are worth it. I look forward to hearing more about your terminal design.

  2. I love the picture of the ICE sitting at the station at night with the platform lights on. Great ambience. Reminds me of my night trips through Europe.

  3. Pierre.bln5/3/12, 3:32 AM

    Your station and platforms just look great!
    I bought those cheap chinese lamps thanks to one of your previous posts, but I doubt I'll get to such a nice result!