Station Update Part 2

Progress on the station feels slow...but there are just so many little elements that need to go into this that its actually probably about 10 or so different little projects!  So these "10 little projects" are what have been keeping me busy since my last post!  For example, you may be able to make out in some of the photos the elevator shafts, which will have elevators with an SMD light on each elevator car. You can see I've also got the stairs now set up to match my two level platform and retail area. 

Below is a top-down view showing the general orientation of the surface station and the descent to the platforms.  Again, the 'little projects' that go into this are somewhat amazing because its the things you don't notice right off, but need to be done before proceeding to the next step!  Thinks like making sure the paint on the stairway looks like it would (or close enough) to these type of stairs in real life, that the floor is cut correctly, that the elevator shafts and stairs don't land in front of one of the retail establishments....it all seems to add up!

The below photo illustrates that I've got the bottom floor set up and lit, but the second level still needs lighting details, and all the other little things to make it all fit correctly.  Note that nothing except for the bottom level is glued or attached at this point.
The below view shows the platform and station from the opposite side.  Again, the stairways that aren't aligned in the photo are just placed there for the photo...they aren't attached yet.
Here's the main entry/ground level of the station.  Work is on hold on this until the rest of the interior and below ground sections are complete as I suspect modifications may be necessary once all the lower elements get closer to a finished state.
In addition to the station itself, work has been done on the new double track loop that now goes under the terminal area of the city.  Mainly, ballasting as well as the addition of a couple of support posts to hold up the new city ground level above these tracks.  The route that descends from the upper level to the platform level will be attached so its flush with the wall of course.  You may be able to see a bit of graffiti on the walls, which not only felt like the right thing to do, was also kind of fun to apply! :-)
At the opposite end of the loop under the city, I've been playing with the idea of using this Greenmax tunnel portal which I painted and started to weather.  I expect I'll use this as well.  Note also the graffiti on the inside of the tunnel....my,  the taggers are really getting around lately!


  1. It's clearly shaping up to be something great!

  2. This is shaping up very nicely. I like the concept, and the execution looks good so far. There's a clean, modern, look to the storefronts, although you might want to consider some kind of floor treatment (tile, or paint) for the area in front of them, as bare concrete doesn't seem a good fit.

    And a lit elevator car? Great idea. But wow, that seems like very fine work to get right. I really want to see how that turns out.

  3. Oh. Wow. Quinntopia Central is taking shape !

    Wish you luck in this final phase.

  4. John B-Scotland3/24/12, 10:16 AM

    Looking good! Love the elevator shafts. How about copper tape instead of wires for the feeds to the elevator car lights? Or have you already thought of this?

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments, encouragement and ideas (as usual)! Particularly with Google's new even MORE difficult 'guess that word' game you have to play to enter a comment.


    @ KenS - The floor treatment idea is spot on! You are quite right! Thanks!

    @ John B-Scotland - Copper tape is actually too wide for me to use, but its a great idea! I'm making progress on the elevators and should have some photos in my next post!

  6. These process photos are fantastic. Very inspirational. It's cool to see the the way things come together.