Welcome SKYNET to Quinntopia!

Construction is now complete and the newest corporate tenant of growing downtown Quinntopia has now moved in and the glaring red logo of SKYNET now stands above all other structures!

Re-modelling what was once the former Skeletor Financial Center, the sleek, black granite 25-floor monolith replaces this once iconic Quinntopia business.
The new structure features a 3-story ground floor with wide seeping windows,  a security desk, and banks of elevators:
Situated right across from the downtown station, workers are just a short walk from their workplace.
The gleaming black structure now dominates the skyline as its tallest building....
The technology used to power the SKYNET structure features state of the art SMD LED's

Power is distributed to each floor through a new method of using long, rigid, copper wires, which are then soldered at each floor...making wiring much simpler and cleaner!
Work is also under-way on a video documentary covering the construction of SKYNET (for those with authorized security clearances only) and we look forward to.... HEY! What are you doing here? That's a funny accent, are you Austrian? Hey..what is that!? No, its okay! Put that down, put that.....
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  1. Do any of the manufacturers like Preiser sell replicas of terminators at N-scale? That would be awesome to have on you layout!

  2. You've been quiet for awhile, now I see why. Another great job Jerry, I look forward to the movie.

  3. As always, an excellent job! If it's THAT Skynet, it'll take over Quinntopia with an army of T-800

  4. I love the name of this tower !!

    you did , as always a very impressive work Jerry.

    All these lights in the city are beautifull !


  5. LOL! Thanks friends! Yes, its THAT Skynet! :-)

    Priesser doesn't make any Terminators (that I know of), but there are a lot of wargaming figures in what they refer to as '6-10mm scale that might just work! We'll see what the Skynet corporation has in store for Quinntopia in the future!

  6. Great job! Can't wait for the video documentary

  7. WOW, excellent job, as ever!!!

    Are you going to start the production of Terminators? LOL.

    Every day I see your work, I get more and more impressed! Congratulations! ;-)