Building SKYNET - the video!

Need help sleeping?  Then this video might just be the answer you are looking for!  Seriously, after a lot of questions on how I go about lighting buildings, I thought I would present a video showing the various steps I took to add lights to the TOMIX 4018 building.

I should note that each building sometimes requires a slightly different method or approach to best figure out how to add the lights, interior details, or wiring, so the process or steps I used for this building may not apply for a lot of other structures.  Anyway, I hope you find this enjoyable, or at least as a cure for sleepless nights!


  1. Excellent work, as always. I think the black Skynet building is a definite improvement over the original color; just the right air of menace for a corporate office building (for some reason I'm reminded of the Sears tower in Chicago).
    The assembly walk-though is first rate. I use the same trick of face-up tape to hold parts in place while spray-painting. And the copper wire power bus is an excellent idea I'll have to copy someday when I light a tower.

  2. Hi Jerry, Great job on both the building and the video! It's one of the best instructional videos I've seen, and no doubt I'll be consulting it again in the future when I finally try my hand at adding lighting.

  3. Ken/JD - Thanks for your comments! Believe it or not, making a video of the job actually made progress a lot slower! When I was editing it I started to wonder if it was way too boring and whether anyone would ever watch it! I'm glad you liked it!

  4. I'm not sure I like this. I think it was better when I thought you used magic to create your fantastic structures. You know, waved some wand or killed a goat or something, then the building just APPEARED all...cool.
    Seeing that you put tons of work and effort into the process just makes me more scared to get into wires and the like! heheheh
    Fab work!

  5. @ Malco...okay, that's pretty funny! :-) I actually agree with you...it would be a lot funner if I didn't have to go through all this extra work! LOL.

  6. Great video! I have a ton of buildings to light up on my layout and this technique would work for a lot of them. Thanks! Wasn't boring at all! ;)

  7. I think this video just changed my life. This is fantastic, as is your entire blog. You just reawoke the hobbiest in me, and I thank you!

  8. I love your site and how you go step by step and share how you you do your building's, you do great work ,i love the skynet building
    and how you did the sign on the roof.

    keep up the great work,greg

  9. I love your work,its great how you show how you build your skyscrapers
    the skynet building is assume,i love how you did the roof top sign,
    the building is assume,gives me alot of cool ideas for my layout,
    thanks for sharing your work.

    keep up the great work
    guilford rail nut