Merry Christmas from Quinntopia

Its not really a white Christmas here in Quinntopia, but the Tomix Nanbu-Jyukan's looks so cool in the snow (no pun intended). 

Christmas Eve in Quinntopia is much like anywhere else...the streets are still busy with last minute shoppers...

Parking is scarce on this chilly afternoon as those final gift selections are made....

Some crazy people ignore all of this, and spend their Christmas Eve creating a quick winter diorama with flour and some old track.  A non-running Minitrix NS 1100 was originally the subject but, alas, without cantenary, this pictures' quite sad.
So the brightly-colored, diesel-powered motor cars of the Nanbu Railway are the chosen power to take everyone back to their homes.  They show up nicer in the photos and, apparently, even some wild horses will stop and stare!
This post makes little sense, but then neither does a grown man like me playing with toys!  But what better time of year- and what better way to spend the years in between- than playing with toys...and sharing with friends!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. Merry christmas my friend,loved the post...it got me real itchy to rumage in the garage and break out my old HO set.

  2. as long as grandma ain't run over by a train set ...

    Jerry: You've had a brilliant year. Keep inspiring us.

  3. Merry Christmas.

    And you're never too old to play with trains!

  4. Merry Christmas Jerry ,

    I always enjoy following this blog and admire the work all these years.

    changes in places the original layout are well thought. I, who have a lot of trouble to circulate materials other than SNCF, the freedom you have chosen by circulating all these different machines is absolutely fantastic.


  5. I say: Keep Playing!
    Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

  6. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  7. Excellent blog. Just bought online the Mabar loco on the basis of your recent review.
    Good Christmas and an even better New Year.

    Ross S
    North Berwick