Train Show! The Great Train Expo in Puyallup!

Yesterday I made the drive an hour south and attended the Great Train Expo in Puyallup Washington (a bit south east of Seattle).  I haven't attended this show in several years, but I have to say it was huge!  The venue was great as well...a  very nice, clean and open center at the state fairgrounds.
The video captures much of the site and sounds, although it focuses on several of the large N Scale layouts (so apoligies to those in other scales!).

There were plenty of vendors at this show as well....particularly (and somewhat typically) if your into 3-rail O Gauge and old tinplate/toy trains, but I thought N Scale was very well represented by the retailers.  In fact, like the UNW show I attended in February, N scale seemed to be a very dominant scale!

Of course, other than a few exceptions, most of the materials are all North American/US models, so at least my wallet didn't get too much damage, although I did pick up a TCS decoder and some miscellaneous scenery bits.

Bottom line, a really great show!  I don't have any idea of what the attendance was, but it seems like these shows get bigger and bigger each year!

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