Scenery Update

As a follow on to my 'Landscape Repair' post earlier this month, scenery work on this area continues to a point where I'm starting to feel good about this end of the layout!
I used my home 'built' static grass applicator (you know, the conversion of those electric bug zapper things) with traditional flock powder on most of this area of the layout.  Its not a perfect applicator (in fact, it stopped working about halfway through, which means I need to get another bug zapper!), but I have found that after applying the long strands of flock, a dusting of flock powder over the top fills things in nicely.
Although I did use a combination of some of the 'sheets' of foliage materials available as well.  The hillside on the left of the below photo uses some long-grass material that comes in sheets, and on the right is some of the foliage sheets I've used in the past (sort of giving an 'ivy-covered' hillside look.
The below photo shows the results of the fake 'electro-static' grass applicator combined with traditional flock powder and some very fine grey ballast material for the gravel road (I forget the brand, but the standard Woodland Scenics ballast is way too course for gravel roads, but this material is almost a rock 'powder' and works well for dirt roads, etc...).  The photo may be too small to tell, but if you click on it, you get a larger version.


  1. I really like it Jerry,

    A nice contrast to the more urban areas of the layout. Know what you mean about the ballast being too big for gravel. What I end up doing is using HO ballast for ballast and N for gravel so there is a difference in size. I like the Arizona Rock & Mineral product.

  2. As always: beautiful work!

    Just one thing that could add the final touch to it (and you will hate me for suggesting it ;-) ): catenary poles.
    You run a lot of electric trains and this would look awesome on your layout!

  3. Nice work so far. Your mix of materials gives very good results...

    Any trouble with picture's colors? ;)


  4. Very nice! The night shots are especially striking.

    I might use a similar technique as the "ivy-covered hillside" on an area of my layout where a higher track comes very close to a lower one. Sharply sloping hillside then a dark concrete retaining wall.

  5. Thanks everyone for the kind comments!
    @Brad: Thank you sir!
    @Kumo: I agree, it looks kind of naked without the poles! I have some, just need time to do it! :-)
    @Patrick: Thanks...yes, I was playing around with my camera and well...uh, whoops!
    @ Sudasana: Thank you as always! That foliage material does a great job (and its quick and easy to apply!)