A Hospital In Quinntopia!

I won this scratch-built N scale building off of Yahoo Japan using a service that manages the fulfillment for non-Japanese bidders some time ago.   If you aren't aware, there is an interesting, although small, group of folks in Japan who make and sell modern buildings on the Yahoo Japan site.  Some of these appear to have the quality of archetectural models and the biddding can go quite high.   If you have an interest in modern N scale buildings, its actually quite fun and inspirational to see what they are making (although as I look today, I don't really see anything interesting....they seem to come in bursts so keep checking!).   And, as I mentioned, services like I used can actually allow you to bid on them if you are so inclined!

While I liked the modern lines, it lacked detail and, of course, interior lighting.  So it has sat on the shelf for a long time until I could find the inspiration to customize it for Quinntopia.  
The lighting method is identical to various techniques I've used in the past.  And as I typically do with my building lighitng projects, I selectively black out some windows, add shades/drapes to others, and interior details on a select few.   Below you can see some of the interior detail.  You may be able to make out a bed and various bits of plastic meant to simulate dressers and other items.
I added a back lit "Emergency" sign on the ground floor - which does not show up too well in the photo- and a backlit "H" sign for the top of the building.  Nothing too fancy!
This project kept me busy for probably a total of 12-16 hours altogether!  There was a lot of prep work in getting foam core cut to make the interior floor sections (where needed as I didn't need to create floors for every floor), painting, collecting or making the right interior detail pieces, prepping LED strips for installation, etc...

Like several recent projects, this one that was sort of 'half-started' when I originally got it, and I've been determined over the summer to try and finish many of my half complete projects!  This is one of the last, so I'm looking forwards to some more kit-bashing in the future!  The one unfortunate thing with this building is that I literally have no place to fit it currently on the layout, so there are no photos of what it will look like in its natural environment!


  1. That's a nice-looking building. The sparse exterior really seems right for a hospital, as those never seem to waste money on the outside. You defiitely need to find a home for it on the layout.

  2. Very nice, and very much in keeping with the style of the rest of the layout. The post-war, international-style of all the buildings is great!

  3. Thank you gentlemen! I appreciate your compliments and encouragement! I'm really impressed by the work that these artisans in Japan create, I only wish they were made of a more sturdy material than paper!