Layout Overview Video

Well, its been well over a year since I've taken video of my layout.  The reason is that I've been working on it with the whole 'version 4.0' expansion! With most of the work done (not all), I thought I'd put together a video of the layout and some of my trains!


  1. Great video (although the strobing titles at the start were a bit painful). And great layout, but I wouldn't want to live in the house overlooking the viaduct. It's seems a bit short on supports. :-)

  2. Thanks Ken. The strobing title sequence is probably an externalization of toooooo long title sequences in videos! I wanted to get to the trains quickly! Sorry for the unintended headache! I expect my choice of music will also be a bit controversial, but that's another explicit decision to never see or hear another model train video with "banjo music"!

    Its funny, the house on the hill was just plopped there about a year ago and its never been moved! I completely forgot about it! I'm actually surprised you noticed it! Makes me wonder what else I forgot about that will be obvious to others! Whoops! :-)

  3. Hi! How long since my last visit! :)
    I'm happy to see your huge layout :) Congrats!

    I'm making my one bigger and from scratch. Can you please suggest me a ballast to use? Last time I bought Fleischmann, but it's too expensive... this time I decided to ask for suggestions.

    Thank and keep up the good work! :)

  4. Hi Allessandro! Good to see you again! I hate ballast. It never looks good to me...there are so many people who are excellent at it I can never get it right!

    Having said that, since I have a lot of Kato Unitrack, I use Woodland Scenics Grey Blend (the finest version only for N Scale), or the light grey. There are some smaller companies which make nicer ballast, but I find it hard to find except at trade shows.

    Pascal's layout is very inspiration to me, I'm not sure what ballast he uses, but it looks great!
    He also uses code 55 track, which looks awesome, but I am afraid of the reliability. Good luck!

  5. Really nice video and even more impresive layout!!!!

  6. Really amazing! You should just justifiably proud.

  7. Just stunning Jerry, although I must say I am highly, highly disappointed to see the wiring coming out of the back of the building at about 8 seconds in ;)

    The vertical scope of the layout is inspiring, especially when I see the new Kato buildings mixed in and looking like lowrises.


  8. Wow! Thanks everyone for the kind words! Its funny...to be honest I get weary of the layout sometimes...it just never seems to go as fast, or look as good as I want, so the kind words are really appreciated!

    @ddold - Funny...another flaw! :-) Yeah, there are a lot more in their somewhere...I can't believe you spotted that! :-)

    What I've learned from this video is that the telephoto lens can REALLY highlight poorly laid track! Ouch!

  9. I love the work! Hopefully when I finally figure out what I'm going to do it will look half as good.

  10. Hi Jerry,

    Really awesome and well edited video. And the mixing of your scenes to the music was superb. I noted your comments re the anti-banjo music (fully agree) ... I thought your track selection worked fantastically and I love love love the fact that you use short sharp edits and don't let the scenes linger and linger like so many one You Tube too.

    I feel sorry for the poor TGV Thalys not getting a run (or did I miss it?).

    On another note I love the new banner.

    You have been a busy boy. Great work.

    I hope you got to look at those You Tube clips I sent you (bar one I tried to keep them short).

    Regards from down under,


  11. Great video Jerry, love the shots of the skyscrapers, they look awesome! :)

  12. This has to be one of the best MR videos I've seen. I especially liked the overall views of the city lights from a moving vantage point as if being taken from an aircraft. While not a great fan of much of what passes for modern music, I thought the music fit well with the video. Your work continues to be an inspiration for me and I’m sure for many others. Thank you for sharing it.

  13. You might want to remove the piece of loose debris by the inside curve in the cutting (when the Kato Series 787 Relay Tsubame passes at 3:10-3:13) ... don't want anything caught in the running gear :o)

  14. @NScale Station & Simon - Thanks for your comments! That scene with the downtown was supposed to sort of set the context for all the trains, I only wish my tripod wasn't so old/unstable then the pan would have been much smoother!

    @Mike - Would you believe that the loose debris is part of the detailing? ;-) One additional use of these sort of videos is that you find a lot stuff wrong (or just not cleaned appropriately!) that gets missed by the naked eye!

  15. Down with the banjo! Loved the video, loved the intro. 

  16. Jerry -
    I love the strobing titles and your music is great too! Awesome video ... truly amazing. Your city at night is unreal. Thanks for sharing the current layout.
    -Scott (TGV coupler question guy)